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Meet The Submarine Sailor Trump Talked So Much About And Who Hillary Hopes You Forget

How Embarrassing! Pelosi’s Son Rang in the New Year with Her Worst Enemy!

Bitcoin’s Crazy Price Rise Might Lead Owner of Bankrupt Former Exchange Mt Gox to Crazy Profits

Trump Wants ‘Bill of Love’ That Deals With DACA, Border Security, Chain Migration, Diversity Lotto


BREAKING: Look Who NBC Thinks Will Be The Future President!

Health care spending 60% higher in the week after Americans receive tax refunds

Former Teacher Has Certificates Suspended for Speaking Against Homosexuality on Facebook

Trump Leaves Door Open for Talks With North Korea, ICE Raids 7-Elevens, California Mudslides Kill 15


Nancy Pelosi Said That Trump Election Would Cause Economic Armageddon And The Opposite Happens

Ivy League Professor Makes Shock Claim On What Trump Could Cause!

Google’s Fact-Check Feature Targets Conservative Sites

Bitcoin Tumbles After South Korea Prepares Bill To Ban Crypto Trading, Raids Largest Exchanges For Tax Evasion


Look What Lindsey Graham Just Said About President Trump on “The View”!

How ‘Fire and Fury’ could get in the way of avoiding a government shutdown

CNN Using Air Gun Injuries to Push Agenda

Nebraska Considers Common-Sense Gun Deregulation As Other States Tighten Up


Voter Fraud! Texas Judge Caught Forging Dozens of Ballot Petition Signatures!

Ben Shapiro Calls Out Inaccurate Statement in Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech Condemning Sexual Predators

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Jorge Ramos for Labeling His Political Opponents Bigots

Dem Memo Says ‘Dreamers’ Are Key To The Future, Will POTUS Deliver New Democrat Voter Block Via Amnesty?

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