Boom! Watch Obama Get Called Out After Saying The Most Insane Thing About Conservatives

Every Dem Is Weeping After What DNC Chair Tom Perez Just Revealed About The Democratic Party

Facebook Says Big Change Is Coming: ‘It’s Time To Pull Out All The Stops Of Censorship’

Movie Director Offers $100K To Trump’s Charity Of Choice If President Is Accurately ‘Weighed’


He’s Out! Top GOP Lawmaker Shocks DC With Unexpected Announcement

They went Crazy About What Trump Said And It Turns Out He Did Not say it at all

Jeff Flake Highlights Donald Trump’s Rhetorical Kinship With Censorious Autocrats

Trump to protect doctors who won’t perform abortions


WOW! Huma Abedin and Husband Anthony Weiner Make Unexpected Announcement No One Saw Coming

Democrats think they would benefit from government shutdown: Amb. John Bolton

The Pope’s WW3 Warning: The World Is At ‘The Very Limit’ Of Nuclear War

Stocks Tumble After McConnell Shutdown Reportedly “Planning for Govt Shutdown”


You Will Be Sick When You Learn How Much the IRS Paid to collect Tax Debts

Obama Devastated as over 100 Chicago Professors Turn on Him

What Happens To Bitcoin Next: Here Is Goldman’s Latest Technical Outlook

“He Slipped Up”: The One Thing Bannon Told Congress Yesterday That Could Haunt Trump


Trump Honors MLK, Seconds Later All Hell Breaks Loose As Leftists Become Unglued

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin’s Statement is What Nightmares Are Made of!

South Florida Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Remove State’s Stand Your Ground Law

Advocate for Open Source 2nd Amendment Faces Legal Backlash


James Comey Breaks Silence On FISA With Claim That Proves He’s A Terrified Deep State Swamp Monster

Russia Claims We Know Who Was Behind Attack On Russian Airbase In Syria!

New Leak Claims Trump Will Boost ‘Usable’ Nuclear Weapons Stockpile to Counter Russia & China

Horror! This Cellphone Video Shows What Happens When School Teachers Ask Questions In Louisiana

More Trump Cash! This Utility Company Is About To Make Millions Of Americans Celebrate!


BREAKING! CIA Officer Caught Spying for China! Responsible for Numerous Deaths of Informants!

Durbin is ‘Focused on One Thing’ and it’s NOT the Interests of His State or Constituents!

How is ‘Racist’ Trump GAINING Support of the Black Community?

MRC’s Graham Blasts ‘Crazy’ Liberal Media as ‘Democratic Party Hacks’ Questioning Trump’s Health

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