FISA Bombshell! Three Top Anti-Trump Players Running Scared After What Leaked From The Fisa Memo!

Bill Clinton Asked The One Question On The Street He Never Wanted Asked, His Response Says It All!

Congress Gives Clinton Operatives Two Weeks To Explain Russian Sourced Trump Disinformation Dossier

President Donald Trump at Swearing in of New HHS Chief Alex Azar


CNN’sAcosta Disrespects Trump In Davos Then Immediately gets put in his place

CNN Cuts Panel Guest in Mid Broadcast!

Bari Weiss: ‘It Was Heartbreaking for Me’ to See the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Go Soft on Trump

Using Tax Incentives and Giveaways To Lure Amazon’s HQ2 Is Like Going To a Strip Club


Melania Just Shut Down Every Trump ‘Holocaust Denier’ Accusation Without Saying Single Word

The new FBI text messages confirm it was Obama’s decision to let Hillary walk, not Comey’s!

School Board Member Concerned After Homework Assignment Claims Christians, Muslims Worship Same God

Trump’s New $24 Million Fridge Will Cost Taxpayers Enough to Feed Every Homeless Person in DC for a YEAR


Trump Set to Destroy Obama’s Promise to America with New Executive Order

Breaking: Feinstein Just Issued A Warning to Trump!

Trump Ignores DOJ Warning, Notifies Sessions He Wants FISA Memo Released

CNN Turkey Fake News Goes Viral: ‘American Sniper’ Star Killed In Syria, Pentagon Forced To Deny


Schumer Roasted By Angry Dems Taking Bizarre Action into their Own Hands

McMaster Shreds Reporter After He Makes Ridiculous Claims He’ll Forever Regret

Guns in schools? Options explored in Kentucky after shooting

Iowa’s Attempt to Reinforce The 2nd Amendment Bolstered by Progress


GOP Rep Just Blew up Corrupt FBI in Epic Tweetstorm After Reading FISA Memo

oom! Look Who Just Backed Conservative Students In Their Lawsuit Against UC Berkeley!

California Bill Would Have Suicidal People Relinquish Second Amendment Rights

How The Media, Gun Control Advocates Misrepresent Facts On School Shootings


Breaking: Trump Might Read Their Secrets Out Loud At SOTU And Destroy Them ALL! Hell Yeah!

Breaking: Sean Hannity Banned From Twitter After Eerie Tweet

One By One! Look What They Told President Trump!

No He Didn’t…. Global Warming Nut Al Gore Defends Potus Trump At Davos!

Dinesh D’Souza Shocks with FBI Revelation of what’s in His “File”


Democrat On Senate Intel Committee Makes Absurd Remarks On ‘Classified FISA Memo’

This Is Most Likely The Proof That No Collusion Evidence Exists Connecting Trump to Russia

Just In: Hillary wan’t only one using ‘Private’ Devices

Watch Maria Bartiromo Destroy Union Boss Over Trump Hate

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