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Breaking: Comey’s Original Hillary Clinton Statement Revealed – What He Deleted Will Shock You

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist Reveals Truth Of Transgenderism That Liberals Do Not Want Getting Out

Liberal Michael Moore Is So Angry About Destruction Of Environment, He Plans To Destroy The Environment In Protest

Deep State Ploy For Mass Surveillance: Facebook Recognition AI Will Use Your Own Biometrics Against You


Cover Up! What Just Came Out About The Dirty Dossier Is Sending Shockwaves Through the DC Press Corp

Shameful! Right After Fire At Trump Tower Dems Instantly React In The Sickest Way Imaginable

Ivanka Trump Praises Oprah Speech & Follows Pelosi & Schumer on Twitter

DACA for the wall, should Dems be willing to negotiate?

Breaking: The DOJ Just Broke On Russian Witch Hunt, Delivers Gift Of A Lifetime To GOP Rep

BREAKING: The ICE Director Wants Politicians Prosecuted!

Why Oprah’s Golden Globes speech stands for the hope, hypocrisy and hubris of Hollywood

Scottish Episcopal Church slams rebel clergy’s revolt over controversial appointment

Breaking: Huma Abedin Is Freaking Out After Judicial Watch Finds Even More Evidence To Lock Her Up!
Hillary is Facing Three Investigations, But There Could be a Fourth!

Stocks Smash More Records As Global Melt Up Accelerates; BOJ, PBOC Surprise Traders

Yuan Tumbles After China Unexpectedly Suspends “Counter-Cyclical Factor” In FX Fixing

Breaking: No Escape! Federal Judge Rules Against Fusion GPS! It’s only a matter of time now!
Clintons Panic As Jeff Sessions Makes Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare Come True

Gov. Tom Wolf: Pennsylvania Will Not Take Medical Marijuana User’s Guns

Secret Facebook Gun Sales Group in Chicago Gets Busted


CNN Transcripts of What Happened After The Mic Was Cut In Miller-Tapper Battle Leaked!

NBC’s Chuck Todd: Wolff’s Book ‘Reinforces’ Anti-Trump Narrative from ‘Entire Media’

Liberals fall for fake story about Trump watching ‘The Gorilla Channel’ 17 hours per day

House GOP Rep Says It’s Highly Possible Hillary Will Be Charged Criminally

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