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A few days ago our brothers and sisters at Christian Patriot Daily started a fun little contest.  The winner of which will receive $1,000 cash and an additional $1,000 gift will be given to their church.

How fun would it be for your church to receive $1,000 in YOUR name! 

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After 35 Years the US Army Finally Has a Brand-New Pistol

The Sig Sauer P320

To celebrate American Gun News wants to give a few lucky readers this same firearm for free.

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This standard issue firearm is anything but basic.  In fact, the US Army spent 2 years and over $17 million testing 12 different handguns before deciding on the new sidearm.

It’s one bad ass and deadly accurate gun.

This very well could become your favorite piece for concealed carry, range shooting, or home defense.

Grab the handgun that’s trusted and approved by the US Army today.

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Jason Rodgers


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