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Hackers Did Something Terrible To Chief Of Staff John Kelly Through His Cell Phone

There It Is!! The Truth That The Media Is Terrified You Will Hear!!

NRA Selling Out? Voice Support for Banning ‘Bump Stocks’!

How Anti-Gun Proposals Pushed One Person Away From The Anti-Gun Movement

Trump Just Walked Up To The Mic And Destroyed Cuba And Venezuela With Eight Words

The tax code currently favors the rich: Kellyanne Conway

Jimmy Kimmel mocks gun ‘crazies’ and gets brutal blowback

Tax Reformers Celebrate Coming Overhaul Of Tax System

After Supporting Anthem Kneelers, Kobe Bryant Says Unforgivable Thing About Trump

The Obama Administration Did It Way Worse!

Why some people are angrily comparing limiting contraceptive coverage to gun control

Does Steve Scalise support gun control after nearly being killed by one? His answer may surprise you

Right In Front Of Reporters Trump Just Dropped The Biggest Secret Of Democratic Party

If Trump withdraws from Iran deal, no country will work with US ? prof

Hollywood Gives Muted Reaction To Revelation Of Weinstein’s Perversion

Anti-Gun Dianne Feinstein Admits the Truth about the Las Vegas Shooting

Trump Just Dropped The Biggest Secret About Why He Threw Those Paper Towels In Puerto Rico

Look Which Prominent Civil Rights Leader is Ready to Fight For Jemele Hill!

Michael Moore Proposes Replacement Second Amendment

Texas Democrats Blame Campus Carry For Texas Tech Shooting. Just One Problem…

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