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After Attacking Republicans For Years, Chelsea Handler Finally Got Hit With Worst News Ever

JUST IN! Trump Just Dropped some truth on Obama and Hillary Clinton

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders prays to God for help before every briefing

Trump Vs. Military Widow, Senators Play Dumb About Niger Troops, Mark Cuban Still Considering Presidential Run: P.M. Links


Right After Jimmy Carter Defended Trump A Reporter Did Something Insane

Look What Just Popped Up On President Trump’s Merchandise Shop!

Ivanka Trump pushes for tax reform in Pennsylvania

Federal government spends over $170,000 taking food pictures


John Kelly Just Broke His Silence And Announced The One Thing Obama Didn’t Want Getting Out

Watch What Steve Bannon Just Said About Pres Trump

Federal Bureaucrats Have Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Guns And Ammo, Whom Are They Planning To Battle?

Putin Warns “Something Worse Than A Nuclear Bomb Is Coming…”


Hillary Is Done!new Evidence Uncovered By FBI On Hillary Connecting Her To Russia

Bitcoin: Step By Step How To Win Free Bitcoin Every Hour!!! Takes 30 Seconds

Rand Paul Throws Incredible Shade At Lindsey Graham for Being a Warmonger

The US Is In Worse Economic Shape Than China & Russia, What Your Not Being Told


What Frederica Wilson Just Said About Gen. Kelly Proves She’s A Garbage Human

Breaking!!! Look What Just Happened To Hillary Clinton!!

Poll finds Las Vegas shooting doesn’t alter opinions on guns

Watch: Cub Scout was kicked out for gun control question – what was the real story?


Urgent: White House On Lockdown As Intruder Climbs Fence Wearing Something Monstrous

BREAKING: “Trump Dossier” Firm Is Putting Up A Fight!

Officials Say Michigan Man Acted In Self-Defense, Illustrates The Typical Defensive Gun Use

New Jersey Caves on Stun Guns: No More Ban

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