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Amen! When Trump Visited Texas Church 1 Churchgoer Said Something That Would Bring Tears To His Eyes

Megyn Kelly’s New Ratings Are In and the Public Has Spoken!

Archbishop of Canterbury accuses BBC of failing to show same ‘integrity’ over child abuse as the Church

FEMA rethinking policy that bans churches from disaster aid


James Clapper Just Revealed Something Unforgiveable About Manafort Wiretap

GOP tax cut plan targets economic growth: Sen. John Thune

What We Know About The Las Vegas Shooter And Why What We Don’t Know Matters

House Is Scheduled To Vote On Legislation Regarding The Sales Of Gun Silencers This Week


Lindsey Graham Just Joined McCain And Did Something Horrible To Trump

GOP lawmakers call for bipartisan support on tax cuts

Simulation Of North Korean H-Bomb Test Warns: “Radiation Across Planet… Could Lead To Catastrophic Loss Of Life”

Russia Gold Rush Sees Record Reserves For Putin Era


Melania Trump Just Jumped On a Plane Alone to Do Something Even Her Husband Has NEVER Done

Trump Proposes the Most Sweeping Tax Overhaul in Decades

Hysteria Subsides As Campus Carry Is Implemented In Georgia, Kansas, And Texas

Bill would allow Wisconsin felons to possess antique guns


Just Days After Trump’s Alabama Speech, Bannon Showed Up And Did The Unthinkable

James Mattis Was Just Targeted In Vicious Attack, Look Who’s After Him

Hillary Clinton Tries To Politicize Las Vegas Shooting, Gets Her Rear Handed To Her

If Gun Control Works So Well, Why Is There A ‘Gun Crime’ Rate To Drop?

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