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After Putin Deployed His “Monster” The Media Went Into An Absolute Fear Porn Frenzy

Desperate Lib Makes Shocking Ask Of Hillary Clinton That Has Everyone Laughing In His Face

How A North Korean Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Could Kill Millions And Turn America Into A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

Warren’s GOP challenger on the ‘Pocahontas’ controversy


Breaking: Dirty Cop Mueller Just Got Nailed With A Lawsuit That Could Stop Him Dead In His Tracks

War: North Korea Fires Its Most POWERFUL Missile Ever Towards Japan As President Trump Promises To “Handle” The Situation

Liberals Think It’s Okay For Bill Maher To Call Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas

Could Trump’s Tax Bill Trigger A Mass Exodus From Manhattan? Goldman Seems To Think So…


Trump Just Made Liberals Heads Explode Across America With What He Just Put Inside The White House

Really? What Cnn Just Did To Ivanka Over Her Trip Is Absolutely Shameless!

Dems Cancel Meeting After Trump Tweets, North Korea Tests Missile, Air Force Failing to Report Convictions to Gun Database

Should the U.S. Unilaterally Abolish All Tariffs And Duties? A Debate on Free Trade: New at Reason


FBI Get Search Warrant For Unsuspecting Democrat After Caught In Election Tampering

Trump Drops 3 Words On Us Military Around The World And Warms The Hearts Of Millions

Outrage as Donald Trump retweets 3 anti-Muslim posts from British far-right leader

Why is Meghan Markle really getting baptised?


Rand Paul’s Wife Takes Sledgehammer To Media Coverage After Husband’s Attack

Roy Moore Campaign Rocked By Unexpected Allegations… And Its Not Roy More This Time

Senator Calls On Boycott Of Toy Guns Until His Bill Regarding Toy Guns Passes

Pro-Gun State Senator Challenges Reporter To Find His Gun Inside His SUV


Whoa! John McCain’s EPIC (and unbelievable) Smackdown of Hillary Clinton

Gateway Pundit’s “Twinks For Trump” White House Reporter Arrested For Assaulting Woman In Connecticut

GOP Rep Threatens Govt Shutdown If No Amnesty

CNN Laces Tax Reform Debate With Questions Mostly From Left

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