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Buh-Bye! The Second Trump Got Back He Did What Cnn Feared Most In Front Of Entire Country

NEW! Jeff Sessions Reacts To New Senate Investigation Into Hillary Clinton

Here’s What Happens When You Accuse Michael Moynihan of Being in Denial About NAMBLA Because Maybe He’s Gay

How Trump’s (and Obama’s) Immigration Crackdowns Screw Over “Real” Americans


Roy Moore’s Wife Is Under Attack What She Was Forced To Do To Her Family Is Heartbreaking

Search continues for missing Argentine submarine with 44 crew members onboard

Guess Who Hasn’t Verified The Salacious Parts Of The Trump Dossier?

North Korea’s ‘Unpredictability’ Scares Winter Olympics Visitors


Hate Pays. After This Woman Flipped Off Trump And Was Fired She Laughed All The Way To The Bank

Hillary Clinton ‘DOJ Investigating Me Would Be Abuse Of Power’ Gets Instant Response

A Closer Look Into How We Were Tricked Into Believing The Economy Has Recovered

Trump Dissolves Charitable Foundation (As Promised)


Hillary Clinton Blames  Nigel Farage, SHE Instantly regrets it

Frustrated GOP Establishment is Realizing They Can’t Stop Roy Moore

What This Gun Range Is Doing in the Wake of the Texas Shooting Is Incredible

Massachusetts Gun Lobby Battles Attorney General Authority On Firearms


Hillary Has Met Her Match! Secret FBI Informant Will Testify In Uranium One Investigation

Doctor Sebastian Gorka Puts Hillary Clinton In Her Place After Hearing This

Joe Biden: Hero Who Ended Texas Rampage Shouldn’t Have Had His Gun

California Man Claims He Destroyed His AR-15 To Stop Mass Shootings


Maxine Waters Goes Full On Crazy With Newest Impeach Trump Narrative OMG

CNN Panel Goes Off The Rails When A Conservative Brought Up Bill Clinton’s Sexual Misconduct [Video]

Black Lives Matter Releases Trump Poll! Immediately Delete It After Unexpected Results!

There is a Russian Scandal That is Much More real Than The Russian Dossier and Russian Collusion

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