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Whoa! After Years Of Trump-Bashing, Ben Shapiro Just Said The Unthinkable About Collusion Charges

Bryan Cranston has a message for the People Who Would ‘Hope’ For Trump’s Failure

Trump Promises Tax Cuts for Christmas, White House Defends John Kelly’s Civil War Comments, and Ex-Catalan President Flees to Brussels: P.M. Links

More UK cathedrals targeted for Luther-style protest warning Church ‘in crisis’ over gay relationships


John Kelly Comes Forward, Wipes Smirk Off Hillary Clinton’s Face And Strikes Fear In Bill’s Heart

Trump’s approval rating sinks to new depths

Mass Shooting At Texas Church Shows Why Every Church In America Needs To Have Armed Security

‘Obama holdovers’ exposing U.S. to possible EMP attack


Bryan Cranston Risks Career, Admits What Hollywood Is Doing To Destroy Trump And Hurt USA

We have a cancer within this country called the federal deficit: Ed Rensi

Minority Communities Suffer From Storms as GOP and Trump Administration Promote Oil and Gas

Failed Former MSNBC Host Keith Olbermann Downplays The Crimes Of Osama Bin Laden And ISIS In Sickening Attack On Donald Trump


Jim Acosta Opens Big Mouth, Sarah Sanders Sends Him Back Under Rock He Came From With 1 Brutal Fact

While Washington Focused On Manafort, Melania Trump Surprised Kids With Something Spectacular

Trump Is About To Crush Home Prices In Counties That Voted For Hillary: Here’s Why

Texas Church Shooting Leaves 26 Dead; Suspect Was Dishonorably Discharged From Air Force


Uh-Oh! Ruth “Gollum” Ginsburg Just Dropped A Bombshell About Leaving Scotus That Is Shaking Up DC

Property tax deduction will remain in bill: Rep. MacArthur

Stupid People Still Putting Guns in Carry-On Bags

Harder to Rent Home Depot Truck in Many States Than Buying a Gun

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