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Trump Smacks Chuck Schumer, Fires Shot Heard Round The World To Keep Us Safe

Bad News for the Ex Twitter Employee Who Deactivated President Trump’s Account!

Gun Control Failures Allowed a Criminal to Carry Out the Texas Church Shooting

Russian Libertarians Detained, Apparently on Suspicion of Being Part of Feared Anti-Putin Revolution


After President And Melania Trump Visit Pearl Harbor, Media Stunned To Silence By What Happens Next

Breaking: Harvey Weinstein Has Ties To Virginia Democrat Exposed!

Good Guy With A Gun In Texas Story Is Former NRA Instructor

Can Democrats win state races by running against Trump?


Shocking New Video Surfaces Of Nancy Pelosi And She Must Resign Immediately For Good Of Country

If GOP plan raises middle-class taxes, Trump won’t sign off: Mick Mulvaney

Callous Democrat WALKS OUT During Moment Of Silence For Texas Massacre Victims

Woman Who Flipped Off Trump’s Motorcade Was Fired For Her Behavior


President Trump just made a decision on DACA, and the GOP loves it!

A look at how ISIS is recruiting young Americans through the internet

Trump Defends Saudi Actions: “Some Have Been Milking Their Country For Years”

Trump Asks For $4 Billion To Beef Up US Missile-Defense Systems


Rachel Maddow Hangs Head In Absolute Shame As Richard Burr Destroys Her Biggest Lie About Trump

A Memo Just Revealed Everything About the Clinton DNC Deal!

We Don’t Need Gun Control to Stop Mass Shootings

Gun laws in Texas are among the most lax in America


You Won’t Believe Who Mueller Was Caught Colluding With And It Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach

It’s Happening! House Introduces Resolution Demanding Mueller Step Down

Watch: Here’s what you need to know about the gun control debate

This State Is One Step Closer to Changing the Minimum Hunting Age

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