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Right After Mike Pence Disrespected Following Embassy Statement… He Has The Perfect Response

Rep. Brady on what to expect from GOP tax reform

Doug Jones’ Election Probably Won’t Kill the GOP Tax Bill

Chicago Public Schools Execs Lied, Altered Records to Cover Up Wrongdoing


Peter Strzok is in trouble! Rep Jim Jordan just sent serious fears into Bob Mueller u0026 the FBI

USA We support the First Amendment State Department spokesperson deflects Sameera

Church holds ‘inclusive’ birthday party for Muhammad, Jesus

Grover Norquist Says the GOP Tax Bill Is Good Enough For Now (Though He’s Planning to ‘Whine Later’): New at Reason


WAPO Reporter Tweets Photo Mocking Trump Rally, But Then Trump Sets The Record Straight

Lewandowski on anti-Trump bombshell: Where’s the accountability at the deep state?

Senate Confirms Libertarian-Minded Jurist Don Willett to Federal Judgeship

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s church wedding is based on genuine faith


Media Hyped Global Hate At Trump’s Embassy Call, But How Israel Reacted Is What Really Matters

Chairman Goodlatte Exposes Clinton Dirty Tricks Crew Running The DOJ’s Investigation Of Trump

Muslim keyholder to Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre Church says Vice President Pence isn’t welcome

Theresa May given scorched Bible saved from Iraqi church burned by ISIS


Trump Just Made An Interplanetary Promise To America That Will Spark A New Space Race

As tax reform moves forward, SALT deductions still the big question mark

Jim Acosta Follows Press Tradition: Harass GOP Admins, Go Easy on Dems

Michael Snyder And Other Pro-Trump Candidates For Congress Are Freaking The Establishment Out


Lawmakers Calls for immediate probe of Robert Mueller over FBI links to Hillary Clinton

MUST-SEE: Congressman Jordan Grills Clinton Deputy AG Rosenstein, Exposes Total Fraud Of Russiagate

South Korea Is Preparing for Drone Invasion at Winter Olympics

Senate Confirms Libertarian-Minded Jurist Don Willett to Federal Judgeship


Trump Is Loving It! Advanced Vetting Is Having A Huge Impact On Immigration Admissions

GOP shakes off Roy Moore loss as it moves forward with tax reform

China to Build Refugee Camps On Its Border with North Korea

“What The Hell Is Going On?”: Trey Gowdy Absolutely Destroys Farcical Mueller Probe In Epic Monologue


Breaking News: The DOJ just made a move to end Bob Mueller’s Russia probe, FBI in trouble!

VIDEO: Trey Gowdy Roasts Rod Rosenstein On Failing FBI Russiagate Investigation

Liberals Use Social Media To Disgustingly Attack All White People In The Aftermath Of Doug Jones Stunning Senate Victory

Gun Control Advocates Try New Tactic That Will Yield Same Old Result


Trump Takes On Media For ‘False’ Report, Roasts Don Lemon As ‘Dumbest Man On TV’

FBI Agents Discussed “Insurance Policy” In Case Trump Won

OUTBREAK ALERT: Indonesia To Mass Vaccinate In Order To Contain Diphtheria

In Stunning Victory, Democrat Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Seat; Trump Responds: “A Win Is A Win…”


President Trump Knew It From The Beginning And He’s Not Shy About Saying It

VIDEO: Wacky Rep. Al Green Wants Another Vote To Impeach Trump

Cryptocurrency Chaos: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum All Keep Surging To New Record Highs With No End In Sight

Tax Cut! Yardeni Research Calculates Effective Corporate Tax Rate Already Fallen To 13%


Trump Rejoices As GOP Finally Pulls Together To Do Something That Hasn’t Been Done In 27 Years!

The Democrats’ Dirty Laundry Has Been Aired Before The American People

Grover Norquist Says the GOP Tax Bill Is Good Enough For Now (Though He’s Planning to ‘Whine Later’): New at Reason

Furious Chuck Grassley Fires Off Scorching Letter To DOJ After Anti-Trump Texts Reveal Burner Phone, “Insurance Policy”


More Shocking Peter Strzok FBI Text Messages Have Emerged And They Are Ugly As Sin

Cryptocurrency Expert: Current Global Economy Could Collapse After Fiat Currency Financial Crisis

FBI Texts Reveal “Insurance Policy” To Prevent Trump Presidency

It’s Central Bank Bonanza Day: European Stocks Slide Ahead Of ECB; S&P Futs Hit Record High


Watch Drama Queen Jim Acosta Get Triggered Live On TV With Wolf Blitzer After White House Threat

Congress launch full investigation into Bob Mueller’s team over ties to Clinton and fusion GPS

Retired Military Brass Off Target Trumpeting for Gun Restrictions

Navy SEAL who Shot Bin Laden Campaigns for Senate Candidate


Defiant Judge Roy Moore Just Pulled A Hillary Clinton After Alabama Senate Election

Congress issues subpoena to demoted DOJ official linked to Anti-Trump dossier

Self-Defense to be 2nd-Class Right if National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Not Passed

Anti-Gun Maryland To Consider Armed Parishioners


Epic Destruction! Moments Ago Trey Gowdy Took A Blowtorch To Obama Lacky Rod Rosenstein

SALT is the largest, most regressive tax deduction: Tony Sayegh

NSSF Takes On Retired Generals Engaged In Gun Grabbing Nonsense

Could Democrat Victory in Alabama Give Trump a 2nd Supreme Court Nominee?


Roasted! Watch Rep. Jim Jordan Go Nuclear On Rod Rosenstein Over Hillary In Front Of Congress

Exposed! FBI, DOJ and DC swamp just failed in another Coup Plot against President Trump

President Trump signs Bill giving Troops Biggest Pay Raise in Years

Misleading Gun Control Report on Accidental Gun Deaths Related to Sandy Hook


He Cracked! It Only Took 180 Seconds For Rod Rosenstein To Cave In To Rep. Desantis In This Video

Trump needs ‘the image of getting something done’ – John Nichols

Trump Has Americans Cheering With Epic Statement About The National Anthem

Sarah Sanders Blasts Media As More Errors Surface

Full Show – It’s Official: Russiagate Was A Clinton Criminal Conspiracy To Overturn Trump’s Election


After Attempted NYC Terror Attack MSNBC Panel Goes Off On This Wild Narrative [Video]

Here We Go Again. Another CNN Bombshell Totally Implodes [Video]

The Resistance has spread all the way to The Pentagon?

New Report Reveals Stunning Details of the FBI Deep State Cover-Up


This Single Insane Text Message May Be The Smoking Gun To Fatally Discredit Muellers Investigative Team

Cheers Can Be Heard on CNN as Dem Jones Takes the Lead in Alabama

NFL Saints Hit With Lawsuit, Courtesy of Flag-Loving Americans

Univision Sets GOP Up for Blame on Failed DACA Fix

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