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MSNBC Pushes Story On Moore, Didn’t Know Mall Manager Would Come Forward

‘It’s an Absolute Joke!!’ Candace Owens Rips GQ Mag, Colin Kaepernick on Watters World

Final GOP Tax Bill Retains Tax Credits for Wind Energy, Electric Cars

Jerusalem church leaders condemn Trump: Move is ‘illegal, undermines peace, and runs contrary to Christian teachings’


Right When The BLM Asked About Trump, They Stunned Everyone With What They Did With The Answers

Border wall isn’t a campaign slogan, it’s a moral imperative: Kellyanne Conway

Bombshell Report: The Obama Administration Let Hezbollah RUN COCAINE Into The United States, Blocked Efforts To Go After One Of World’s Biggest Suppliers Of Cocaine And Chemical Weapons

ISIS claims it has hacked US Army and St Dept, Sending assassins to employees’ homes


Trump’s DOJ Just Gave The Most Feared Order To 29 Sanctuary Cities, Then Lit The Fuse

Hate To Say “I Told You So” ~ You Will Not Believe How Much Hextra Coin is now

UPS Loses Family’s $850,000 Inheritance, Offers To Refund $32 Delivery Fee

The Transition Begins, The World Economic Structure Is About To Change


What Melanina Just Did To The White House Christmas Tree Is No Doubt Going To Trigger Liberals

Breaking! Group of Illegals Murder Border Agent With Rocks

Gun Groups Suing California Over Unfair Gun Laws

SC Gun Owners Asking Legislature to Prioritize Gun Legislation


‘That Photo is Every Woman’s Nightmare!’ Ann Coulter and Watters Hammer Al Franken

Just In: Media Matters pres talks about trying to destroy Hannity!!!

Study Finds That Handgun Owners Embrace Responsibility Of Gun Ownership

Burglar Caught by Gun Wielding Dad who Recorded the Event on Facebook Live


Flip Flop: Top Democrats Change Minds on Franken Resignation, Let’s Keep Him After All!

Marine One Troops Get Accolades From President Trump

BREAKING! Joe the Plumber Endorses Sid Miller for Texas Agriculture Commissioner!

New Audit Finds $21 TRILLION In Unauthorized Spending By Federal Gov’t!


Joe Biden Gets Asked To Name A Trump Accomplishment, That’s When He Said What No One Expected

‘Russia Is Not our Enemy, Democrats are!’ Judge Jeanine pirro Crushes Democrats with David Bossie

Hillary Clinton comments on Trump great for the Republican Party: Corey Lewandowski

Trump won’t allow import of elephant trophies

Maria Bartiromo: My comment was taken wildly out of context

The Hill: Roy Moore Still in the Race, Senate GOP Running Out of Options

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