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Obama’s VA Hired Doctors With Malpractice Claims And Felony Convictions Against Them

Deep bench of Trump haters undermining our institutions: Varney

Trump Calls on Saudi Arabia to End Yemen Blockade, Bipartisan Majority in House Rejects Trump Impeachment Effort, August Ames Dead: P.M. Links

Disgraced sex abuse bishop Peter Ball set to join Catholic Church after ‘battering’ by Church of England


Trump Scores Massive Win In Supreme Court That Will Bring Liberals To Tears All Over America

Hypocrite Dems Attack Trump’s Jerusalem Move Despite Supporting It In the Past

NFL’s Grave Just Got Deeper! Goodell Signs Extension to Stay Boss for 5 More Years

Trump, Obama each taking credit for improving economy


Chinese Media Shames Obama Reports His Anti-Trump Tour Across Asia Was A Total Tragedy!!!

Just In: New Bill Sends Sanctuary City Mayors To Federal Prison Heck Ya(VIDEO)!!!

ALERT: House Voted on Impeachment of Trump, Results Were Staggering

Chairman Expects ‘Strong Support’ Among House GOP for Mandate Repeal in Tax Bill


Joy Behar Forced To Apologize For Spreading Fake ABC News Report… But There’s A Twist

BREAKING President Trump’s Approval Rating Just Shot Way Up!

Hamas Leader Says The US Has DECLARED WAR With Jerusalem Decision

Silicone Valley’s ‘Working Homeless’ Shows How Hard Life Is In “Democrat’s Paradise”


Look What Just Happened to Bitcoin’s Value!

Tax reform sparks California exodus: Where are the wealthy going?

Donald Trump’s Recognition Of Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel Will Shake The Middle East To The Core

Warning: TSA Facial Recognition Plan Likely to Become Part of Growing Biometric Surveillance System


After Chelsea Handler Viciously Attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders She Instantly Gets Payback

BREAKING Matt Lauer’s Wife Appears, But Something Is Missing!

House Pisses Off Gun Control Advocates, Opponents With Concealed Carry Bill

California’s Inefficiency May Screw Over Ammo Vendors


Sick Dems Pull Out Their Last Ditch Secret Weapon To End Roy Moore And Its Disgusting

Some Israelis thrilled with Trump’s decision to relocate US embassy in Israel

The House will likely Vote on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act this Week!

Supreme Court Rules that President Trump’s Travel Ban can Take Full Effect Immediately


This Weird Gambling Law Could Effectively Destroy One Of President Trump’s Critical Actions

Republican waffling on Roy Moore could hurt the party: GOP fundraiser

Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Conducting Operation In DC Region

Trump Stands Up To Muslim Caliphate By Moving The Embassy

Trump Says Democrats Could Cause a Government Shutdown

Heads Up! Arizona Citizens Tracked In Database In First Step of ‘Real ID’ Implementation

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