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Beast Mode! Sarah Sanders Drops Truth Bomb That Just Obliterated Trump-Hater Jeff Flake

Should former Obama administrators consider White House run?

House Passes Bill to Ease Menu Labeling Rules Under Obamacare

Burned: Pelosi Hammered by Her Own Party for her ‘Dreamers’ Stunt on House Floor


Fisa Fallout: Comey In Deep Trouble As Lawyers Move In The End Him Once and For All

Japan Fears Russian Military Buildup As Troops Move In On Disputed Islands

Rome’s Colosseum to be lit in blood red for persecuted Christians

Trump at National Prayer Breakfast: ‘We are God’s handiwork’

Breaking: FBI Texts Reveal Abedin Wanted Immunity Before Talking to Grand Jury!

Police In China Are Now Using Glasses with Facial Recognition In Train Stations

Despite Tough Talk, Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Doesn’t Plan to Shut Down the Pot Industry

Immigration Authorities Want Access to All the Raw Intelligence the Feds Already Collected on You

Comey Knew About Nassar’s Sick Crimes but… he was too busy Helping Hillary to Care

Pelosi’s 8 hour Disaster-Backlash from Dem Lawmakers after she encourages breaking the law

Don’t be fooled by North Korea’s Winter Olympics stunt, warns Christian persecution watchdog

Rand Paul Is Single-Handedly Trying to Stop the Senate’s Massive Spending Plan (Update)


SCOTUS Just Handed Dems a Sweet Victory that will Help them in 2018, until they Lose

Trump Tries To Stop The Scam Of Full Spectrum Dominance Started By Globalists

Vatican Official Says China, Which Persecutes Christians and Murders Dissidents, Is the Country ‘Best Implementing the Social Doctrine of the Church’

OUTBREAK ALERT: Military Deployed As Norovirus Strikes Winter Olympic Security Guards

Breaking! Hillary Implicated In Massive Bombshell, New FBI Text Messages Point right at her!

New spending bill raising concerns the tax cuts are unsustainable

FBI Scandal Update: Newly Released FBI Texts Implicate Obama And Hillary Clinton

4 Analysts: Stock Market Plunge Is A DEEP STATE ‘Nuclear’ Attack On Trump

Breaking: ‘Criminal Charges’ Announced By Former Us Attorney In ‘Largest Scandal Ever’ for DOJ/FBI

Trump’s SOTU Speech Broke The Backs Of The Globalists

Uranium One Scandal: Moscow Routed $3 Million To Clinton Global Initiative

Rand Paul Is Single-Handedly Trying to Stop the Senate’s Massive Spending Plan


Breaking: After Adam Schiff Pranked By Russians He Gets The Worst News of his Political Career

Man makes fake Trump tweet, Washington Post immediately contacts him, because democracy or something

Rand Paul Is Single-Handedly Trying to Stop the Senate’s Massive Spending Plan

US-Led Coalition Bombs Syrian Forces Following Israeli Strike Near Damascus

Breaking: Clinton Double Agent Caught Inside Trump Team – You’ll Never Believe it was him!

Full Show – Globalists Strike Back! US Stock Market Crashes 1000+ Points

Jeff Sessions’ Advice to Pain Patients: ‘Take Some Aspirin’ and ‘Tough It Out’

What Jimmy Carter Can Teach Us About Deregulation

Breaking: FBI Informant Has Just Been Revealed In The Biggest Scandal In Recent US History

If More People Use Bitcoin As Cash, It Will Be More Difficult For Bankers To Manipulate

NATO’s Real Existential Threat: The Surrender Of Western Values

UBS Is Giving Bonuses To Millennials Just For Being Young


House Dems Just Made An Announcement and They’ve Just Undercut President Trump!

New text messages show Sen. Warner tried to reach out to Christopher Steele

Mag Attempts to Paint Historic Tombstone as Lefty Gun Control Haven

This State Considering Campus Carry Bill

GOP Secret Weapon in works to Crush Dems Disinfo Campaign against FISA Memo

Trump Supporters Savage Crooked Hillary After She Comes Out Promoting Another Blame Book

New York Legislators Begin Wild Push For Draconian Gun Laws

Company Offers Concealed Carry Product, Anti-Gunners Outraged


The Second GOP Rep Exposes Key Clinton Operative behind Hoax Dossier on LIVE TV Jaws Drop Everywhere

UH-OH: Laptops Mysteriously Missing From Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB

The Problem With California’s Voluntary ‘Do Not Sell List’

VPC’s Latest ‘Study’ on Gun Deaths Does Not Mean What It Says It Means


Former FBI Agent Exposes Left-Wing Political Corruption Across The Federal Govt

Uranium One Informant’s Explosive Testimony Against The Clintons

Top Dem fooled over ‘nude’ photos of Trump romp with Russian model

Professor under fire after making death-related comments about President Donald Trump

New Info Released on Top Dem Senator Leading Russia Investigation Raises Serious Concerns

Strzok may have pulled off one of the most brazen texts ever sent by an agent of the FBI

Joe Concha: Media’s Trump Anger Mostly ‘Performance Art at This Point’

Surprise! Another DNC link to spying on Trump team


Shock Video: Leftists Carry Out Tiananmen Square Style Attacks On Free Speech All Across America

Lanny Davis: ‘Narcissist’ Comey cost Clinton the election; Claims proof

FISA memos may result in the undermining of the FBI, DOJ: John Bolton

Trump’s Press secretary OWNS ABC Reporter, “The Democrats Lost And We Would Win Again!”

Vice President Pence Speaks to Armed Forces at Yokota Air Base in Japan

Wow. Adam Schiff Falls For Filthy Russian Prank, What He Wanted On Trump Is Totally Disgusting

White House Budget Plans Request $3 Billion Downpayment for New Bollard Fencing

Soros Funded Russians Attend Trump Prayer Breakfast

The Republicans Might Build a Wall Before Trump’s!

Markets finally dealing with the reality of interest rates: Ken Langone

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