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Wow! VA Lawmaker’s Mega Viral Speech On Gun Control Causes Dems To Run Out Of Room

Trump Pardons Saucier Amid Disgusting Hypocrisy Of Obama’s DOJ

People Eruot As Trump Describes Maxine Waters With 3 Humiliating Words!!!

‘She Is Mind Numbingly Stupid’ Trey Gowdy Destroys Nancy Pelosi


Pence Puts Obama On Blast For His Failure To Negotiate Meeting With NK!

After Idiot Reporter Says Trump’S Being Played By Rocket Man Sarah Shuts Him Up For Good!

ABC And Joy Behar Silent Despite Growing Demand For Public Apology!

Dems Appear To Be Embracing Shock Issue For 2020! Ultimate Rule Of Law!


Trump Warns Oakland Mayor, Issues Federal Threat She’ll Get To Think About For Years Behind Bars

The Hypersonic Race Has Begun Between US, Russia and China

Florida Governor Wants To Confiscate All Of Your Guns

Tillerson Lays Blame, Not On Terrorism, But On Gender Confusion

WH spokesman: If meeting with Trump doesn’t happen, ‘it’s the North Koreans’ fault’


Florida: The Big Spending, Anti-2ND Amendment, Anti-Defending State

UK Insanity Imposes Gender Neutral Mother’s Day Cards

Australian Detective Releases Multiple Bombshell On Hillary Clinton Foundation

Hi-Point C9 9mm Handgun Review: Budget Defensive Gun Or Junk?


Right After Baltimore Mayor Caught Staging Protests This Fox Host Takes Her To The Woodshed

Communist Group Vandalizes University of Texas Fountain, Calls for Violence

10 Things That Shows Global Trade War Is Imminent And Will Cause Economic Collapse & Market Crash!

Cali Governor Suffers Horrid Public Melt Down After Trump and Sessions Lay Down the Law


Hope Hicks Reveals Secret To House Intel Committee Then Someone Decided To Leak it to the Press

MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Lays a Trap for the NRA then this Senator Walks Right Into It on Live TV

Critics Think 132 Hours Of Firearm Training For Teachers Is Too Little

Illinois Bill Requires Lawful Gun Owners To Transfer, Turn In Firearms

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