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One Shocking Thing Between Obama And Trump Just Came Out That Nobody Knew – This Is Insane!

Trump should dial back the tariff plan talks: Democratic lawmaker

Report: Trump floats offer for Russia probe interview; Why Mueller may reject it

MSM Calls For Alex Jones To Be Deplatformed From All Communication Systems


Boom! Watch Trump Savage Hillary And Obama In Front Of The Marines — Their Reaction Is Priceless

Sharon Osbourne Makes Foul Suggestion About Trump’s Wall Plans!

CNN complains other news outlets aren’t covering Stormy Daniels enough

Prediction: Republicans Will Keep The House/Senate In the Midterms, But Democrats, “Got A Good Shot”


Breaking: Trump Just Trashed Failed Governor Jerry Brown – There is no walking away from this one!

We Need Your Support!!! FULL Lawfare Launched Against Alex Jones And Roger Stone

Breaking: He’s Losing It All! Trump To Fire FBI’s Most Corrupt Official Days Before Getting Pension

Dr. Pieczenik: Universities Are False Reality Bubbles That Promise A Future With A Rubber Stamp


Republicans Just Dismantled Dems With Big Win! Huge Pic Going Up Everywhere Now!

Why Trump’s border wall will help heighten national security

Jeff Session Shocks FBI With Mega Bombshell

Trump Got Revenge On Athletes With Huge Pic He Put Up For Their Visit


Breaking: Obama Caught! New Details Devastate Obama With Who He Hired to Attack GOP Candidate

Conor Lamb will vote for Nancy Pelosi, if elected: Rep. Perry

Lawsuit Filed Over Housing Authority’s Gun Ban Leases

Contrary To Perception, Young People Not That Anti-Gun

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