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Jeff Sessions Just Got Shredded On Fox News When This Top Lawyer Mocks His Announcement

Florida AG Bondi on efforts to raise the age for assault rifles to 21

Watch: Should All Schools Install These Shelters to Protect Students During a School Shooting?

Putin Unveils New Russian Missile That Can Reach ‘Any Point In The World’


Oouch. Facebook Proves Hillary Wrong After She Floats Crazy Idea Her Campaign Paid More Than Trump

Look What Trump Just Did to Humiliate and Defeat The Swamp

Anti-Gunner Thinks Armed Women Will Get Hurt More

Must see! Lawmakers make hilariously ‘awful’ video about bill process


Bad Move: Dems Freaking Out Over The One Thing That Could Cost Them In 2018 Races

Companies Cutting Ties With NRA Get Bad News After the Public Fires Back

Democrats Considering a New Strategy to Expand Health Coverage as Frustrations Build with Obamacare

Dr. Marc Siegel reacts to Trump’s summit on opioid epidemic


Nicolle Wallace Gets Shut Down by Condoleezza Rice for Implying Trump Is Racist

MSNBC’s Velshi Wrongly Implies Guns Make U.S. Suicide Highest in World

If You’re Old Enough to Serve in the Military, or Vote, Changing Gun Age is UnConstitutional

Disrespectful Matthews Compares Parkland Students to American Troops Winning World War I


Steve Scalise Steps Forward Defiantly Defending The One Thing Liberals Hate the Most

POTUS Trump Goes Nuclear In Tweetstorm That Just Put The Deep State on Notice

Trump Nominates Man Who Called for Abolishing U.S. Sentencing Commission to U.S. Sentencing Commission

Poll measures US Catholic perception of Christian persecution around the world


Mexico Running Scared After Trump Drops Border Wall Declaration They All Feared!

Sanctuary city officials warning of raids endangering ICE agents: Rep. Babin

Donald Trump’s Gun Comments All But Ensure His Defeat In 2020

Total BS: YouTube ‘Accidentally’ Deleted Non-Leftist Accounts


Breaking: Former Top DOJ Official Flips On Deep State Rats Mueller, Comey, McCabe and Strzok

US Commander China Cozying Up to Iran, Enhancing Military Posture in Middle East

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Proposed Bump Stock Ban Is Mostly Pointless

YouTube Backs Down After Putting InfoWars On Verge Of Deactivation


Breaking: After Media Rips Trump Saying He Would Have ‘Run In’ The Truth Hits Them All In The Face

Facebook Quietly Installs New Tracking App On Your Phone, This Is What You Need To Do To Stop It

Trump: ‘Take the Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second’

Trump To Announce Steep Tariffs On Aluminum, Steel Imports As Soon As Today


Breaking: Look What Happened To The NRA’s Subscription After The Boycott!

John McCain Associate Avoids Testifying On Trump Dossier

CNN Analyst Thinks Female Teachers Can’t Carry Because They Don’t Wear Pants

Sporting Goods Chain Halts Sale Of Firearms To Buyers Under 21


Trump Stuns With What He Just Did With Air Force One — No One Else Could Do It!

Liberal Equality Equations Always End Up Equaling Zero Freedom And Total Totalitarianism

New Proposal To Block Those On No-Fly List From Buying Guns

NRA Responds to Petulant Protests and Bitter Boycotts in Style


Breaking: Federal Court Makes Trump’s Day Triggering Liberals All Over America

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Rasmussen Releases Bombshell Gun Survey

YouTube is Shutting Down Conservative Criticism of CNN over Parkland Shooting

Anti-Gunners Think Bullets From Rifles Too Fast To Be Countered With Handguns


Uh Oh! Look What’s Happened To The Companies Who Pulled Support From NRA

Breaking: Internet Search Giant CAaves to Liberals, Starts Filtering Results for One Stupid Thing

Democrats Pushing to Repeal Amendment that Bans Federal Funding for Gun Violence Research

Losing Adult Gun Debate, Disarmament Proponents turn to Children


Boom! Clintons Freaking Out As Uranium One Informant Reveals One Thing Russians Did After the Deal

Breaking: Hazmat Teams Dispatched To VA Base After 11 People Exposed to Suspicious Letter

President Trump Meets with Bipartisan Members of Congress to Discuss School and Community Safety

It’s a PR stunt! Dick’s Sporting Goods pulled rifles off shelves before

Not Good! Three-Quarters of Young Americans Unfit for Military Service


MSNBC’s Velshi Admits He Considered Boycotting Amazon Over NRA TV

Guess Who’s Funding the ‘Student’ Gun Control Movement?

Why Doesn’t Mainstream Media Demand Democrats Denounce Farrakhan?

Just Say No! Teen Show Declares ‘Zero Tolerance Means Zero Minorities’


CNN’s Cuomo Implicitly Refers to President Trump as a ‘Virus’

Obama Ignores Rev. Billy Graham Tributes and Promotes Presidential Library

NRA members rip Trump: ‘Every word of it was a betrayal’

Rubio to introduce gun-violence restraining-order bill

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