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Thinning Hair? Pour This On Your Head And Watch What Happens

LOS ANGELES, CA  — According to researchers at a top California anti-aging institute, a new discovery may be a ‘game-changer’ in the battle against aging hair.

Founder and Director Dr. Hal Weitzbuch is a world-renowned dermatologist and researcher, who has used his unique knowledge of cellular health to help ‘turn back the clock’ for thousands of private clients. But his latest breakthrough could be the most important accomplishment of his career.

In a revealing interview last week, Weitzbuch unveiled a simple — yet highly effective — way to address to a problem that affects millions of Americans over 40: thinning hair.

He went on to say that the cause of thin, lackluster hair isn’t exactly what we thought — and it’s much easier to address than previously believed.

“We’ve found the internal ‘switch’ that controls hair follicles,” he told us. “And, we’ve found out how to control it.”

Weitzbuch’s cutting-edge solution was inspired by a breakthrough he had while helping a member of his own family.

The secret to his breakthrough? “There are certain ‘micronutrients’ your hair follicles need to work properly,” Weitzbuch revealed. “When we introduce them directly to the scalp in high doses, the results are astonishing.”

This unusual theory is what led Weitzbuch to create a highly effective, at-home way to get dramatically more youthful-looking hair — which has since become remarkably successful for countless users.

“They’re reporting their hair looks thicker, fuller, and more youthful, similar to what they had years ago,” he revealed.

The science behind his formula is brand new, and has been met with both fascination and enthusiasm by those in the field. Immediately following the interview, Weitzbuch’s team released a comprehensive video presentation, so that the public can be educated as to exactly how it works.

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