Affiliate Promo Headlines – April 2018

Biden Survey

POLL: Did You Vote for Biden in 2020?

SURVEY: How’s Biden Doing as President?


ER Doctor Issues URGENT Warning for Americans

Emergency Doc has URGENT Warning for What’s Coming…

[VIDEO] ER Doctor has an Urgent Warning You Must See

[WATCH] Controversial Doctor Issues WARNING to Americans

Ecom Products

TRENDING – This Shotgun Shell Thermo Bottle is Popular with Gun Owners

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Save Up to 35% On Your Electric Bill with THIS ‘Plug and Play’ Heater

This Re-Chargeable Heated Jacket is Trending Across America!


Doctor who EXPOSED Fauci’s Lies Issues New Warning

American Doctor EXPOSES the True Origin of Covid-19

American Doctor WARNS another Deadlier Pandemic is Coming Soon…

Elektaze Flashlight Stun Gun

Liberals Want this Weird Flashlight BANNED!

DEAL Alert: Get this Controversial Stun Gun Flashlight for FREE!

BANNED in 9 States! Can You Own this Flashlight?

Rush CCW

Weird “Trick” to Get Your Concealed Carry at Home (works in all 50 states!)

Anti-Gun Dems want this Concealed Carry “Loophole” BANNED!

Bizarre Loophole lets you get your Concealed Carry 100% Online (could soon be banned!)

Tactical Backpack

GIVEAWAY! Get this Tactical Backpack for Free Today…

WOW! You’ll love this free tactical backpack

TacRight Night Vision

Military Grade Night Vision Now Available to the Public

Amazing New Tech Beats Night Vision Goggles

Free Dash Cam

ALERT! Drivers Can Claim this Dash Cam for FREE Today

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GoldCo Direct Hannity (M-F sends only)

Hannity: This Biden Fact will Enrage You!

OMG! This Biden Fact will Enrage You! (Hannity)

Sean Hannity: This Biden Fact will Enrage You!

The Home Doctor

How to Stockpile Antibiotics WITHOUT a Prescription

Survival Antibiotics: How to Stockpile without a Prescription

Lottery Maximizer

7-Time Lottery Winner Exposes the Truth About Powerball

Is Powerball RIGGED? 7-Time Winner Exposes the Truth

[VIDEO] Shocking Report from a 7-Time Lottery Winner

Camp Lejuene Claim Center

URGENT: Did you live on the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune?

MUST SEE: Were you exposed to toxic water at Camp Lejeune?

Thousands of Marines Suffer From Toxic Water at Camp Lejeune

Blackout USA

THIS Could Kickstart WW3 (Not Putin!)

This Little Device Could Trigger WW3

Alive After the Fall

[VIDEO] Shocking Proof of God’s Plan Coming True

This Video is Shocking Proof that God’s Plan is Coming True

Trump’s Frightening Announcement Still Terrifies Church Leaders…

Did Trump Ignore this Warning from the Pope?

Food Freedom Survival

Biden Warns of Coming Food Shortages

Expert Says Biden isn’t Telling Truth on Coming Food Shortages

Restore Gummies

Weird New “Knee Candy” Restores Cartilage

HEALTH Alert: This “Knee Candy” Restores Cartilage

Free Stun Gun

FREE Stun Gun – Illegal in Some States!

This FREE Stun Gun is Not Legal in Some States

Is this FREE Stun Gun Even Legal Where You Live?

Pandemic Sucker Punch

This is BAD News for Vaccine Recipients

Vaccine Recipients Just Got Some BAD News

REPORT: This is Bad News for Vaccine Recipients

Fox News CAVES to Liberal Demands

Why isn’t Fox News Covering this?

Fox News BLASTED for Caving to Liberals

Free Smith and Wesson Knife

Almost Gone! Get Your Free Smith & Wesson Knife

DEAL Alert! Get a Free Smith & Wesson Knife

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The Great Reset

Did Fox News Just Bend Over for Biden?

Fox News Viewers Stunned Over this…

Unbelievable! Fox News Just Caved to Biden’s Demands

Republican SPONSORED Mass Population Control Plan?

Is this Mass Population Plans Sponsored by Republicans?


Weird Coffee “Trick” Turns Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine

The death of black coffee

[Trending] This Coffee “hack” Burns Fat Better than Cardio?

Does Sipping THIS Coffee Burn Body Fat?

Newly Discovered Trick BURNS Fat by Drinking Coffee [must see]

The Second Amendment Bible

Get This FREE Book Before Big Tech Libs Ban It

Big Tech Came After Trump, and YOU’RE Next!

Liberal Elites Are Trying to Ban This For Good!

You Need This FREE Book To Protect Your Family!

Free Dash Cam

Protect Yourself With This FREE Dash Cam

Every Driver Needs One of These HD Dash Cams!

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Free Sports Camera

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Free 2nd Amendment Flag

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[Yes or No] Do You Support Gun Rights in America?

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Countrywide Concealed

PRINT your concealed carry certificate today

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2nd Amendment Rights Free Book

URGENT Warning for Gun Owners: You Need to See this

WARNING! If You Own Guns You Need to See this…

Gun Owners: You’ve Been Warned [must read report]

Survival Wall

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Gun Owner Wall

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Free Pistol Bag

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Free Flashlight Offer

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