CCD 9/8

Death Blow: Trump Just Made Brutal Threat To Congress That Left Them Shaking

Backlash grows for South Park creators refusing to bash Trump

Churches taking ‘next steps’ in fight over mandatory abortion funding

As Texans return to flood-hit homes, many say ‘Our house is history’


She’S Back! Tomi Lahren Just Got The Best News Of Her Life And Libtards Are Shaking In Their Pants

Smoke rises from Russian consulate, San Francisco FD says ‘false alarm’

Rumors of War: Putin warns North Korea situation on verge of ‘large-scale conflict’…

Petition to Seize Assets of George Soros Gains 80k Signatures


Trump Owns Reporters Upset About Arpaio Pardon Do Not Miss This Video Folks!

Will Trump have difficulty passing tax reform?

Gun sales sag under Trump, so Florida gun market adapts

Leftwing Site Fear Mongers on American Gun Ownership


Mad Dog’ Breaks Silence On Transgender Troops – Wait Until Trump Sees This

Clinton email investigation was ‘a joke’, says James Kallstrom

Mainstream Media Is Refusing To Cover Texas, Only Talks Global Warming

SCOTUS Asked to Review Ninth Circuit Decision on California’s Waiting Period Laws


This Morning Trump Said The One Thing That Comey And Hillary Didn’t Want Getting Out

Comey is in legal jeopardy over exoneration statement, says Chris Farrell

Fake News! Most Media Skip Hoaxer Exposing Reckless Anti-Trump Tweeters and Lurid Lies

Congressman DeSantis Makes Genius Move to Stop Mueller Once And for All!

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