FSP 9/18


Republicans ‘Are Finished’ If They Don’t Get Tax Reform Done, Says Laura Ingraham

Roger Stone Talks Trump Poisoning/Schiller Resignation & More

Senator Warns Of Imminent Nuke Attack On Seattle…But A Law Forbids Them From Preparing

US Debt Surpasses Historical $20 Trillion After Trump Lifts Borrow Ban

Hillary Clinton’s Defense Of “Deplorable” Comments This Morning Will Leave Jaws Hanging

UN Security Council passes new sanctions against North Korea

The Government Begins Censorship Of Media Through Disingenuous Means

US threatens to ‘cut China off’ from dollar if it does not uphold sanctions against N. Korea

Reporter Asked Trump About Hurricane, The Seven Words He Said Next Made Her Heart Stop

Donald Trump is Mueller’s ‘white whale’ – legal scholar

Something’s Up! DHS Orders All Departments to Remove Kaspersky Products Now

Ted Cruz Defends Dildos on CNN, Calls Himself ‘One of the Most Libertarian Members of the Senate’

Mike Pence Walked Into FEMA And Made A Four Word Promise That’s Sweeping The Nation

Yet Another Anonymously Sourced Trump-Russia Story Falls Apart

We’re In DEEP—Kim Just Did Something Naughty & Trump’s TICKED—A Bloody Truth Revealed By Insider

Bitcoin Bloodbath May Become A Massacre As THREE Chinese Exchanges Confirm Shutdowns and More Are Coming

This Republican Just Flipped The Script And Exposed What Hillary Did With Russia

White House on Bannon Predicting Civil War: He Likes to Speak in ‘Extreme Measures’

Trump Aide Warns WW3 with North Korea to spark financial crash in next 6 months

CIA Whistleblower: “The Shadow Government Controls the Deep State and Manipulates Our Elected Government Behind the Scenes”

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