Scott for 2/15/22


BOMBSHELL: Clinton campaign spied on Trump during presidency

Millions raised for ‘Freedom Convoy’ seized by Canadian government?

“Government is not our doctor.” Americans fight against mandates.

Climate change has been politicized by the left: Backer


WAR ON TRUMP!: Dems say his talking hurts reelection

Clinton campaign paid to infiltrate Trump servers

Can these clues could lead to hidden gold?

How the heightened security was in LA for Super Bowl 56


HE”S GOT GUTS…NEVER would this happened under Trump

Weeks in and ‘Freedom Convoy’ is fed up with Trudeau

Critic blasts AOC for claiming Texas will ‘inevitably’ vote blue

Biden Wants To Rearrange The Deck Chairs On The Titanic Of Inflation


SHOCKING! Hilary Broke the LAW and Trump will pay dearly 

Pro 2A Missouri Couple, the McCloskeys Just Got Hit AGAIN

Rep Congressman “Actions Prove Pelosi Is Using Capitol Police” As a Partisan Weapon

Lindsey Graham” Dems want to end Weapons Against Terrorism”


THERE IS NO SHAME… Democrats encouraging this?!?!

Multibillion Dollar Company Poised To Become The “Shopify Of Cannabis”

CIA collected unauthorized data on Americans

Illinois grandmother saved from kidnapper in part by Wordle


DON’T READ THE  TRUTH:  Trump “a bigger crime than Watergate’

Border patrol at their wit’s end…

Rep. Jim Jordan: This is worse than we thought

Millions raised for ‘Freedom Convoy’ SEIZED by Canadian government?


MAJOR ALERT: Red Flag in US on Gun Owners

2A For Thee But not For You & Me…

Gorka: What Trump should replace ‘MAGA’ with

Prepare for limitation to come back on this…


UNNERVING… You lying wretch Hilary

Beto O’Rourke Flips HARD On 2A

New York Times vs Sarah Palin…let the fight begin!

Morris: Memo to the Biden people, “white people are people too”


APPALLING Testament from Biden on Black Woman

Senator Kennedy “Reason Why Democrats Hate The Police”

Putin is basing his actions on US inaction

Bongino: This is how the left executes censorship


The newest GUTLESS cancel culture mob…who are they? 

Do men belong in the pro-life movement?

Benny Johnson, “They’re anything but ‘liberal’ amid Canadian convoy”

Is the Standoff at US-Canada border cooling down? 


ALARMING NEWS… From the boarder “we’re at our wit’s end”

“Government is not our doctor.” Americans on their fight against mandates.

 Pelosi eyes win in November despite MOUNTING crises

Chinese concentration camp survivor speaks out

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CENSORSHIP! Campaign against student and the cost…

Donald Trump:  Twitter’s ban is cramping his style

Wyoming lawmaker proposes bill to name Donald Trump highway

Orlando’s Holy Land theme park sold by TBN to health care company

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DEMORALIZED Hillary’s spying ‘whole new level of corruption’

DeSantis blasts Biden: “I am standing in your way”

John Eastman tried to help Donald Trump SUBVERT American democracy

2 studies show workplace discrimination against MOM’s and their babies


HE’S SICK… Revealed What Biden Did for Our Enemies

Pastor Brooks: “They’re not black, they’re criminals”

Mr. Delusional Joe Biden Has This Horrifically Amazing Take On Inflation

AOC providing ‘false hope’ to Texas liberals


REVEALED:  The Real Reason Why Dems Hate The Police

Border patrol at their wit’s end: Former acting DHS secretary

Gear Up! This is why the food supply is buckling…

Rep. Jim Jordan: This is WAY worse than we thought


MR. DELUSIONAL… His Horrifically Take On Inflation

They have become the behemoth of the ‘dark money’ industry

Jim Jordan sounds alarm on Dem lawyer involved in spying on Trump

Go Ahead…Democrats encouraging public crime?!?! 


DIGITAL INSURRECTION…Reading the Clinton Files.

We Stand and We Fight! The Government is NOT our doctor.”

How do men belong in the pro-life movement?

Sleepy Joe warns Putin of ‘severe costs’


 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE…How the Fed is Dooming US.

Phil Robertson: God’s Love Is for Everyone

Don Lemon Flips On Chris Cuomo And Tells All How He Broke “Journalistic Standards”

Benny: The birth of “Truckistan”

CCH (6)

 BURIED ALIVE…It was God who saved me. 

Mask up of GTFO! Suspensions Sideline Students

Thousands of workers lose jobs after failing to meet vaccine requirements

Dr Phil… Insane Radical Leftist I Debated With.

Heart Warming…Deaf high school football team tosses coin at Super Bowl

Matt Walsh Calls Out Gucci’s Horrible Treatment of Jim Jones


THE ALARM HAS SOUNDED Key Dem lawyer spied on Trump

Joe Concha: There is a media blackout on this…

Millions raised for ‘Freedom Convoy’ SEIZED by Canadian government?

Diamond and Silk: There’s something wrong with Biden



Psaki Loses It On Fox News Reporter For Asking Simple CDC Guidelines Question

Jen Psaki: “It’s Biden’s Inflation Failures on High Meat Prices”

This is how the left executes censorship…


VICTORY!  Canda has spoken.

AOC claims Texas will ‘inevitably’ vote blue but when?

Sen. Cassidy SLAMS Biden’s energy policies

When you threaten the monopoly of information…


THE UNSTOPPABLE Joe Rogan. You sire are a…

Tucker: Lawmakers are panicking over this

Biden snaps selfie on way to Camp David. “Screw The Invasion”

Ben Shapiro REACTS to INSANE Woke TikToks

PMN (6)

THE SAD REALITY and you’re reason…

As Fed increases Interest Rates, Debt Will Crush Middle Class

Las Vegas students CHEER after news of no more masks in school

Kudlow: I Smell “War” In The  Air

Are the Recession risks ‘obviously elevated’???

Remember the China Trade Deal? Neither Does China.

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“BUILD THE D**M  Wall!” Or We All Suffer…

Pelosi Is Using Capitol Police As A Partisan Weapon

Jeff Van Drew:  Fentanyl Is Sneaking Into US As Border Patrol Seizes Record Amounts

Did the New York Times slander Sarah Palin?

PPG2 (No feed)

TRUTH SOCIAL…”We’ve lost” says Trump

Did the New York Times slander Sarah Palin?

Trump: Patriots’ Bill Belichick ‘chickened out’ by rejecting Presidential Medal of Freedom

GOP Senator Outlines Concerns With Biden FCC Nominee’s Settlement

PNN (No feed)

“I DON’T NEED A WHACKED  DOCTOR!”  Americans fight against this liberty…

Trump: “My presidency was a ‘glamorous’ and ‘romantic period”

Climate Change: The deep BS by the left…

GO MASKLESS… The Dems don’t care about you or your family. 

PNN2 (No feed)

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Inside the mind Of Trump

New York man charged with threatening to kill Donald Trump

DeSantis blasts Biden: “Am I In Your Way???”

WATCH: Senate hopeful torches Biden’s Super Bowl-sized fails in ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ ad


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