Headlines 3/23-3/24/21


Donald Trump REACTS to Biden’s Border Crisis

Democrats’ extreme policies push away Hispanic voters

Biden’s DHS Chief Just Fanned the Flames at the Border with Message for Illegals

Kayleigh McEnany torches media’s coverage of Biden’s stumbles


Biden’s Response to Putin’s Challenge Proves He’s Unfit for Command

Oops! Biden Finally Admits Who the Real POTUS is on Live TV

Rep. Crenshaw Slams WH For Putting All Blame for Biden’s Border Crisis on Trump

It keeps getting worse.. 8th woman accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment


US ‘Brought a Knife to a Gunfight’ in meeting with China

Update HR8 and HR1446 Why Is Chuck Schumer So Mad?!

McCarthy Just Filed Papers Making Eric Swalwell’s Worst Nightmare Come True

CNN Ratings in Free Fall and Here’s the Exact Reason Why


Breaking News – The Border Is Officially Open – And It’s Our Own Fault!

Dem Senator Who Wants Filibuster Erased from History Gets NUKED for Hypocrisy

GOP Rep Hits Biden’s DHS Secretary with Question He Doesn’t Want to Hear

Busted! Sean Hannity Hits Juul on Live TV – Laura Ingraham Pokes Fun at Him


Fireworks Erupt On Capitol Hill With Fauci

This is crazy.. China’s $200 Billion Underwater Train To The US

Ouch! Biden Stumbles Multiple Times Boarding Air Force One

Why is Biden & the far left IGNORING Mexico’s high COVID-19 rate?


Biden FINALLY Admits Who the REAL POTUS is on Live TV

Psaki Finally Makes Admission About The Border Which Only Makes…

Newsom Knows it’s Over after Just Smearing Recall Effort Against Him

Donald Trump Just Ended Meghan Markle’s 2024 Dreams on Live TV!


After Dem Uses Military as a Prop, Rep. Taylor Greene Drops the HAMMER

O’Reilly predicts how the media will handle President Biden’s First press conference

The Media Are Pushing Tyrannical Voting Laws That Would Destroy America

McEnany rages against cancel culture: What is next, ‘public flogging?’


Mark Levin: Diabolical Nancy Pelosi Is Trying To Steal an Election

Ted Cruz Just Branded H.R. 1 as one of the WORST Bills in History

Sen. Blackburn says cartels ‘have become very sophisticated’

Gingrich: The southern border is not closed, contrary to what DHS says


Iran threatened to ATTACK DC base, Kill Army general

US Dominates Global Arms Market

Tucker: Chinese government using Black Live Matter as a weapon against us

Anti-Gun Bills Sneaking In Behind The Scenes…


Retired U.S. Army Col. Sounds the ALARM on Our Military Training 

Biden A National Security Risk?

You Know it’s Bad when Even CNN Can’t Cover for Biden’s Border Crisis Anymore

1989 Tiananmen Square Survivor Talks About The Importance Of The 2nd Amendment


Can Biden admin bring global allies into fold to stand tough on China?

Carbon Tax? This GOP-Backed Group Just Launched an Ad in Support of It

The EVERYTHING Bubble Will Create A Global Meltdown Unlike Anything In History

Kayleigh McEnany Rips Nancy Pelosi Over Her Latest Radical Move

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