Headlines 3/23/2018


China Declares War On The United States

“They Must Be Deported” – Tucker Carlson VS Sanctuary City Activist

Conservative Residents in Coastal SoCal County Furious

Markets rattled by trade war worries


Trump threatens veto of $1.3T spending bill

John Bolton on North Korea using negotiations to buy time

“Single Motherhood Does Not Empower Women” – Tucker Carlson Vs Hillary Clinton

Fed the biggest concern for the markets?


Will You Side With Trump Or China In Trade War

Alan Dershowitz: It was a mistake to appoint Mueller

Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal sparks concerns over user privacy

California sanctuary law makes cities less safe: Aliso Viejo mayor


The Left Is Fighting For ‘The Man’ They Claim To be Against

Judge Judy Gives Greedy Welfare Queen Perfect Punishment After How She Spent Stolen Benefits

Breaking: Find Out What You’ll Be Paying For In This Massive Spending Bill

Greatest Donald Trump Interviews From the Past 30 Years


Whoa! Hillary’s Health In Huge Decline After Massive Breakdown

Tucker Carlson Decline in Men, Lack of Fathers to Blame

Rand Paul Schools Whoopi Goldberg On Gun Control

Armed Antifa Gunman Blocked Austin City Council


New details on suspected serial bomber’s alleged confession

The King in our midst: A prayer for Palm Sunday

Trump picks foreign policy hawk John Bolton as national security adviser

No God = No Justice


China Readies For War With New Unmanned Super Tanks Powered By AI

Trump Makes Devastating Announcement After 60 Americans Were Just Found Dead.

Your Priority Must Be the Safety of Your Family | Active Self Protection

Breaking “President Trump Replaces McMaster For John Bolton”


Obama Campaign Dir. Flips, Drops Facebook Election Bombshell

Stocks Plunge as Trade Tensions Escalate

Will the Federal Reserve put an end to the bullish market?

Gordon Chang on tariffs: China needs U.S. more than we need them


San Francisco May Be Broke, But They Still Have Money To Go After Guns

Oakland Mayor Thought She Saved Criminal Illegals, But Trump’s ICE Dealt Them Swift Justice

Jordan Peterson Educates Feminist On Gender Ideology

Democrat Judge Strikes Down Law That Restores Major Constitutional Right To Americans


Breaking: They Just SUMMONED Trump For Nasty Violation They Accused Him Of! – Hot News

Ingraham: Media try to push idea of White House in chaos

Video released of Las Vegas gunman bringing bags into hotel

Tucker: Left colluding with companies to suppress gun rights


Maxine Waters Despicable, Hypocritical Self Caught When She Thought No One Was Looking!

Trump Hating Ex CIA Cheif John Brennan Goes Full “Tin Foil Hat” With New Accusations!

Ann Coulter Brilliantly Silence Ana Kasparian On Immigration

House Intel Committee Votes To Officially End The Russia Probe And Delusions Of Collusion

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