Headlines 3/27


Will Trump help Republicans in midterm elections?

Breaking: Rosenstein Announces Indictments of Nine Iranian Hackers

Former CIA Director John Brennan Offers Crazy Putin Theory

Trump’s Base Demands Impeachment For Omnibus Spending Bill


Report! Ryan May Be Out As Speaker And Look Who Is Going To Replace Him!

What Pres Trump Just Did To Russia Blows The Collusion Theory To Pieces!

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s Data Collection Problem

Leaked Audio Raises Questions Of Location Of Parkland Shooting Victims


Breaking: Stormy Daniels Claims Of Hush Money and Alleged Trump Threat

Trump rallied the world together by expelling Russian diplomats: Marc Lotter

Vladimir Putin is paying attention to US military gains: Gen. Keane

Trump Said What He Wants Our Massive Military To Do Immediately


Nigerian Christians demand release of Christian girl held by Boko Haram

Mitch McConnell Wants to Take Hemp Off the Controlled Substance List

Alice Cooper on being saved by faith and why he can be both a Christian and a rock star

Bus-sized space station likely to crash over parts of US: Scientists


Chinese Space Station Will Crash To Earth Soon, Still Don’t Know Where It’ll Hit

How to Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on Vacation

Black Americans Speak Out Against Gun Control

Awareness Keeps Armed Defender Safe From Harm | Active Self Protection


Former Top CIA Agent Issues Urgent Warning About Deep State

Sell Bitcoin, Buy Gold?

Facebook-Cambridge scandal: Will other social media companies suffer?

Will US trade relations with China improve?


Candidate For Sheriff Really Okay With Gunning Down Americans

Developing: Major Mole Just Found In Trump’s White House

GOA Speaks Out On Misinformation Surrounding Armed Teachers

Watch: Rick Santorum Urges Students To Learn CPR, Not Seek Gun Laws


Gun Rights Supporters Now Fighting a Two-Front War

Parkland survivor says gun-control protests deflect blame

Amazing: Hero drives burning fuel cab to safety, leaves ‘river of fire’

Russian maneuvering in Syria comes at a cost for the Kremlin

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