Headlines 3/30-3/31/21 (Kalee)


Chris Wallace Exposes Joe Biden’s Plan to Cheat his Way Through Press Conference

Restaurant owner says COVID created workforce dilemma

Lindsey Graham: “We’re Complicit as a Nation in Human Trafficking”

McEnany calls Biden a ‘Sound Bite’ president over lack of press conferences

Watch Matt Gaetz TORCH Cancel Culture

Biden Snubs FOX Reporter Peter Doocy at Press Conference – Here’s How He Reacted

GOP Candidate in TX Releases Scorching New Ad Aimed at DC Dems

‘It’s Rather Disgusting’: Sheriff Details How Trump VS Biden Handled Border Crisis


Psaki’s Defense of Biden Traveling While Telling America Not to Is a TOTAL Train Wreck

Liberal‘Journalist’ Endlessly Mocked on Twitter after Asking Question at Biden Press Conference

Lara Trump: Where is the outrage from the left on border crisis?

Biden’s admin’s dislike of Trump created border crisis: Huckabee

Jailed Business Owner Gets Released but What Happens to Her Restaurant is Unbelievable

Tucker Carlson’s Latest Announcement is Some of the Best News of 2021 So Far

California Democrat says border crisis is ‘manufactured’ in DC

Mitch McConnell Sounds the Alarm on H.R.1 Bill – Reveals Why it would be DETRIMENTAL


What can Americans expect from Biden’s $3T infrastructure plan?

Are we starting to see a shakeup with mainstream comics?

Biden’s DHS chief fires Homeland Security Advisory members amid border crisis

He’s Done: A 3rd Scandal Has Been Exposed Under Andrew Cuomo

GOP Group Releases Scorching Ad that Exposes Biden’s Entire Border Crisis

Joe Biden’s Latest Gaffe is Absolutely Humiliating

Fed Just Gave Markets Major Signal for 2021!

Trump Makes OFFICIAL Endorsement that Republicans will LOVE


Ted Cruz Just EXPOSED Nancy Pelosi’s BIGGEST Power Grab Yet

Heavy Inflation Commodities Supercycle!

Netflix Cracking Down – keep your password to yourself

Why Is Biden Incentivizing Border Crossings?

Chuck Grassley’s Latest Question will Have All of the Liars about Brett Kavanaugh TERRIFIED

GOP Candidate Releases Scorching New Ad Aimed at DC Dems

Korean Beauty Store Owner Attacked in Her Own Store – This Story will Make your Blood Boil

What The Most Expensive First Class Tickets Get You

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