Headlines 4/10-4/12/21 (Kalee)


Sunny Hostin’s Latest Attack on Trump PROVES She’s Suffering from TDS

Elon Musk launches high-speed tunnel system in this city

Biden’s new gun control proposal could be called ‘Hunter Biden Act’

The CRISIS at the U.S.-Mexico border

Senator John Kennedy Smacks Down MLB’s “Stupid” Idea to Move All-Star Game

Arizona sheriff tells Biden to ‘do your job’ as border crossings surge

McEnany: The left will change institutions when they don’t get their way

Mark Levin: “Jim Crow” Joe and the Democrats Are the REAL Racists


Listen to Joe Biden ‘FLAT OUT LYING’ during his speech on gun reform

Greg Abbott says border deaths will only increase as temperatures spike

Will Prince Harry, Meghan Markle attend Prince Philip’s funeral?

Chris Wallace: Kamala Harris may not want her ‘fingerprints’ on border crisis

Bump In The Road For Constitutional Carry Movement

Biden Orders Panel To Look At Packing Supreme Court

‘Inhumane conditions’ at border are ‘very alarming,’ but preventable

The “War on Cash” Is Really A War on Freedom


Where’s AOC? This Viral Video of ABANDONED Boy at Biden’s Border Will Drive You To Tears

Dem Mayor Says Enough to Socialism in His Party and Becomes Republican

Hunter Biden only regrets ‘political fallout’ from Burisma

Trump Goes ALL IN on Boycott of MLB

Sites pause using Johnson & Johnson vaccine after reported side effects

Man whose brother was killed by illegal immigrant sends message to Biden

‘End is in sight’ for COVID-19: Dr. Brett Giroir

Jordan: Biden’s End to “Remain in Mexico” Policy Responsible for “Unprecedented” Surge at Border


How Biden’s Increased Corporate Tax Rate Will Really Affect Businesses

Cuomo-backed law could give undocumented immigrants $15K checks

Electric airplanes could be future of delivery

Food Prices Will MULTIPLY as Commodities Index Breaks Into New Supercycle!

Larry Kudlow warns what could happen to GDP under Biden’s tax hikes

Don Jr Burns Down Biden White House after they Admit His Dad Was RIGHT

New progressive tide?

Here’s why Biden & the left won’t admit a border ‘Crisis’


Biden Cabinet Member ADMITS This Trump Policy Was One of the BEST for American Jobs

Old Man tells old lie…

Doug Collins slams LeBron James for Georgia election law tweet

Black GOP Rep. Byron Donalds is Sick and Tired of People Hating on Georgia’s New Voting Law

Secret Bitcoin farm…

Stacey Abrams pressured MLB to move All-Star Game

Ron DeSantis refuses to back down from the ‘Liberal media’

Myanmar: Ambassador is locked out of embassy and forced to sleep in a car


LOOK Who’s Funding Joe Biden’s INSANE Tax Plan

You Won’t Believe Which Event Dr. Fauci will be at Next

AOC Will Go Into Hiding after She Sees this New Report

Chris Christie Comes in Clutch! Goes on Live TV and Rips Biden for Lying to All Americans

Dan Crenshaw: Democrats using ‘cancel culture’ to impose ‘fascism’

Burgess Owens: What Biden Admin Is Doing to Migrant Children “Breaks My Heart”

This mayor joining the GOP says there’s ‘no Democratic Party anymore’

TSA accepting ‘alternative ID’ for migrants

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