Headlines 4/17-4/19/21 (Kalee)


Young Daughter of Slain Capitol Police Office Wipes Her Mother’s Tears as Her Father Lies in Honor

Biden to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan

BLM Flocks to Ex-Officer’s Home in Minneapolis – What Happened Next is Terrifying

Don Jr Reacts After Biden Asked About Running Against Trump in 2024 – Joe’s Answer Is Bizarre

Cops Don’t ‘Necessarily’ Need Guns, Brooklyn Center Mayor Says

Vaccines could become compulsory in care homes

McCarthy: Democrat bill to pack Supreme Court should ‘scare’ every American

Navy spots pyramid-shaped UFOs on video, Pentagon confirms


Psaki BUSTED Lying about Your Rising Utility Costs with Biden’s Unhinged Tax Plot

“Peaceful Protesters” Throw A Match At Portland Police Association Building

Teacher Caught on Video Berating Students, Parents for Wanting to Go Back to School

Has the mainstream media shifted left?

Ted Cruz Exposes Biden Nominee for Celebrating Cop Killers in Brutal Takedown

America has financed our biggest threat – China’s Military

Vaccine on ‘pause’ despite the world Needing to move past COVID 19

Stop Asian hate… on OTHER Asians


New Poll Makes it CLEAR What Americans Think of Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Plan

Biden Declares a “National Security Emergency” Over Russia With New Executive Order

Chip Roy Erupts on Dem for Pushing Lies About Border Crisis

Jim Jordan Gets Into Explosive Fight With Dr. Fauci Every American Needs To See

Covid Vaccines Suspended for Safety Concerns: We Told Ya So!

Anthony Fauci Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: “I Don’t Look at This as a Liberty Thing”

Is There Any Hope Against Post-Modernism?

Dems promise a Blue SCOTUS, but Pelosi disagrees


Biden Declares ‘National Emergency’ – Blindsides Russia With Sanctions, Economic Warfare

Bernie is BACK with Another Long List of Demands for Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill

“Appalling” that Representatives Are Getting Paid to Vote via Zoom from a Boat

Companies considering mandatory coronavirus vaccines for care staff

Kamala Harris’ Excuse for Border Crossings PROVES She’s Not Fit for the Job

CRISPR editing tool mangles DNA in human embryos

Stephen Miller: The rule of law is what makes America exceptional

Cartels Making “Millions of Dollars a Day” Off Biden’s Border Crisis “Enterprise”


New Poll Makes it CLEAR What Americans Think of Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Plan

World vaccine shortage ahead?

Retail industry seeing uptick in foot traffic as COVID restrictions lift, vaccines rollout

Biden Beware! Look Who’s Fighting To Become The First Black Female Republican U.S. Senator

Overcrowded Migrant Facs “Would Be Shut Down” If Private Businesses Due to COVID Violations

Mark Levin: The Media and Dems Are Going All In on Mob Justice

Biden’s UN Amb. Trashes USA Before Entire World

Look Which Hollywood Star is Eyeing up a 2024 Run for President


The Cryptocurrency Billionaires Of 2021’s Digital Gold Rush

Marsha Blackburn slams ‘blue states’: Stop mooching off us

Dems Just Revealed Their Radical Plan to Destroy America As We Know It

Food & Job Shortages: The ’Perfect Storm’ for Universal Basic Income?

Kids Will Lose Opportunities at Life if Schools Continue to Stay Closed

Are red states better places to live after all?

Big Tech is censoring the New York Post, again

Here’s How to STOP Dems From Politicizing Supreme Court Once and for All

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