Headlines 4/20-4/21/21 (Kalee)


This Is Why Planned Parenthood Is FINALLY Denouncing Their Racist Founder

You’ll Laugh after Seeing CNN’s Newest Ratings

Concha rips Kamala Harris’ excuses for not traveling to border

Madison Cawthorn: New GOP is rising, we won’t ‘take it on the chin’

Psaki Snaps at Reporter, Gets Nasty After Refusing To Answer Question

Rare Sight: Bernie Sanders Breaks with ‘Squad’ Member over Abolishing the Police

Hilton: We’re seeing an ‘erosion of the boundaries children need’

Maxine Waters: Inciting Actual Insurrection?


With a stroke of his pen This Governor Turns Rioters Worst Nightmare into Law

CNN’s Cuomo Goes There: His Comments about Kids Hit An All-Time Low

Parler gets green light to return to Apple App Store

Ben Carson calls out ‘absolutely absurd’ rhetoric on race

Is Trump considering a 2024 presidential run?

House GOP doctors work to convince vaccine skeptics

Biden admin directs ICE, Border Patrol to replace certain immigration terms

CNN Interview at BLM Riots Proves Trump Was Right


Banks are making UNPRECEDENTED moves in our economy. Here’s how to prepare.

With Np Evidence, MSNBC Host Accuses Gov. DeSantis of the Unthinkable

Maxine Waters: Inciting Actual Insurrection?

Biden meets with bipartisan group of lawmakers to discuss American Jobs Plan

Western States Prepare For 1st-Ever Water Shortage Declaration!

GameStop CEO to step down in July

Some People May Have to Return Their $1400 Stimulus Check

Biden’s Failure To Handle Border Crisis Already Seeing Detrimental effects to his Party


Why We Won’t and Can’t Go Back to Pre-COVID “Normal”

Sean Duffy’s warning over China taking on the US as leader of world currency

Graham: America’s weaker, the world’s more dangerous and I blame Biden

Retail Apocalypse Continues: 1 Of 3 US Stores Are Closed…

Meet The World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

Mitch McConnell Goes OFF on Dems for Introducing Court Packing Bill

What Is The MPA Rating System And How Does It Affect Movie Content Ratings?

$1 Million VS $1 Billion Castles

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