Headlines 5/11-5/12/21 (Logan)


Biden Tries To Explain Horrible April Jobs Report — Internet ERUPTS

The Release of Exterminator GMO Mosquitoes Has Begun In Florida

Left Outraged by Judge Overturning CDC’s National Eviction Ban 

They admit they wanna FORCE the vaccine


Biden Just Proved How Much he Disrespects our Veterans

Josh Hawley Says It’s Time to Break Up Big Tech

Look Who the GOP is Eyeing to Replace RINO Liz Cheney

Portland teacher Stands Up to Antifa, CRT despite threats


Psaki SNAPS When Reporter Asks Why Kamala Is Taking More Power

Ben Carson on critical race theory: What are we doing to children?

Nancy Pelosi using ‘disappointing’ jobs report to push additional spending

Bill O’Reilly: Biden is making Worst possible moves for economy


Psaki’s Latest Coverup on the Border Says EVERYTHING

Kamala Harris Arrives in Milwaukee, Look Who Shows Up To Greet Her!

Tucker: Americans are being paid to stay at home

Americans Set a Record in April that Speaks Volumes about the 2nd Amendment


Trump Just ENDORSED Liz Cheney’s Replacement – Now the Countdown Begins

Rashida Tlaib’s District Looks like a Setting out of a Horror Movie

BLM Releases New Lengthy List of Demands – But There’s Just One Problem

Five Migrant Little Girls Abandoned on Texas Bank of Rio Grande


DeSantis Warns Protesters NOT to Come to Florida or “There will be Consequences”

Gingrich: Gap ‘widening’ between Biden administration and American people

DeSantis wants to protect our liberties

White Farmer Has Had It with the Feds – Now He’s Fighting Back


Tumbleweeds Roll by as Biden’s Motorcade Does Laps around Vacant City

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ does a dramatic reading of Stacey Abrams romance novel

Do you miss Trump yet?

Nancy Pelosi Praises ‘Liz Cheney’ – But There’s Just One Problem


Biden Caught Telling Phony Amtrak Story – Here are the Many Problems

Brian Stelter Leaves Show for a Few Days, What he Discovers once He’s Back…

Twitter’s Latest Move Proves We Must Fight to Take Back our 1st Amendment Right

Cash-Strapped economy won’t be “Back to Business”


Kamala Harris Arrives in Milwaukee, Look Who Shows Up To Greet Her!

Portland Teacher Stands Up to Antifa, Speaks Out Despite Threats

Psaki Claims New Election Integrity Laws in TX, FL Make it Harder for People to Vote

Dan Bongino sounds off on FBI: Get your heads out of you butt


Gun Owners Rejoicing Right Now after New Bill is Heading to Greg Abbott’s Desk

Ilhan Omar Goes Full Radical Mode with her Latest Demand from Fellow Democrats

N. Carolina House Advances Bill To Repeal Jim Crow Era Pistol Purchase Permit

Governor To VETO Constitutional Carry | But Is It Veto Proof?!?


IRS coming for crypto users?

Commercial Real Estate Collapse Triggering 45% Drop In Value As Business Face Foreclosure

Billionaire Brothers Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss On Pioneering The Future Of Finance

Elitists confused by lack of job growth

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