Headlines 5/18/18


Sarah Sanders Didn’t Pull Any Punches With This Statement About Leakers

New pig virus could spread to humans

Bill Maher & Killer Mike Call Out Left’s Hypocrisy On Gun Control

Clinton Campaign Funneled $150,000 to Company Owned by Clinton


BREAKING: They’re Almost Done With The Hillary Clinton Email Report

Seeing is no longer believing – How video manipulation is becoming the next level of fake news

Progress of the border wall in California

Roseanne Barr Rebuffs ABC Bosses and Promises a ‘Braver,’ More Politically ‘Timely’ Show than Ever


Liberal Media And Democrats Admit They Reported Fake News On President Trump

Trump Ditches His Busy Schedule to do Something Incredibly Thoughtful for Melania

South Africa Announces Plan To Steal All Private Property, Black And White

Police say no more listening to our scanners


You’ll Love This: Trump Does The Incredibly Thoughtful for Melania…

Veteran: I had five hour wait at VA last week

Health-savings accounts the solution to America’s health care?

Parts of Hawaii Covered In Ash After Volcano Spews Massive Ash Plume 30,000 Feet Into Air


Newt Gingrich on midterm elections: Democrats are digging a deeper hole

The big potential money from legalized sports betting

Walmart vs. Amazon: Who’s really cheaper?

Americans believe Mueller probe is politically motivated


NYT Confirms Obama Hillary Mueller Illegally Spied On Trump Campaign

We’re Under Attack: 100% Proof Of UN Invasion on US Soil

Jarrett: FBI believes it isn’t accountable to anyone

What You Need to Know About Surviving a Long-Term Lights Out Event


BREAKING: Trump Dancing After Phone Call Reveals The Truth About Mueller’s Plans To Charge Him

Political games over Net Neutrality

Ben Shapiro Brilliantly Educates Socialist On Morality

North Korea Just Threatened Trump – BAD NEWS for Historic Meeting


Barack Obama Was Slapped with a Lawsuit that Sent His Head Spinning

BREAKING: Pope Francis Signals He May Resign Over Pedophile Scandal

Is Mueller pursuing a sham criminal case?

Can Trump be indicted? Trump lawyer Giuliani says no


Read The Secret 45 Goals To Communism Leaked To Congress

Central Banks Prepare For The Collapse By Creating A Database Of Who Owes What

Media Hangs Head In Shame After Seeing Whats In Trump’s Hand!

GOP Leader Trolls Pelosi With Video of Her ‘Endorsing’ Trump Tax Cuts


Video: Gunman in custody after 8 dead in Texas school shooting

Urgent: “Hawaii Volcano Going To Blow Again”

Stone: Mueller’s focus on me driven by fake news narrative

‘Roseanne’ may be getting less political for second season


Conway Addresses Allegation That She Leaked Information.

Roger Stone reacts to reports FBI spied on Trump campaign

Hawaii volcano eruption sends ash in air

Aliens everywhere? UK Scientists say yes


BREAKING NOW: Unexpected Turn Of Events With Melania After Being Hospitalized For Days

Snorkeler in Hawaii Finds Gold Cross Lost in Ocean 52 Years Ago

Multiple Carjackers Overwhelm Pregnant Woman in Bogota | Active Self Protection

Meet Maxine Waters, The Dumbest Congresswoman In American History


Why Do Americans care about the royal wedding?

Gold to Outperform Silver?

Hope for migraine sufferers from new FDA-approved drug

Bitcoin investors at risk from rise of cryptocurrency scams, fraud


Breaking: The FBI Has Released An Incredible Report! – Hot News

The AK Perfected: The Galil ACE in .223/5.56mm In-Depth Review

Tomi Lahren Just Took Down The Ladies Of “The View’ Singe-Handedly

Maxine Waters Tries to Quote the Constitution to Attack Trump, Goes Horribly Wrong – Hot News


Entire DNC About To Be Demolished After Secret Audio Leaks. What They Revealed…

Hateful Jimmy Kimmel Just Paid Massive Price After What He Did To Melania In The Hospital

Ann Coulter DESTROYS British Snowflake On Immigration

The Old Gun Markets of Kabul


Roger Stone reacts to reports FBI spied on Trump campaign

Madsen M1896 Flaadens Rekylgevær: The First Military Semiauto

GOP seeks farm bill support amid immigration debate

Tim Allen not holding back in return of ‘Last Man Standing’


The Gun Story Few In The Media Reported

The Left Turns Trump’S ‘Animals’ Comment Into A Controversy

Stone: Mueller’s focus on me driven by fake news narrative

Gun-themed campaign ads blanket airwaves

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