Headlines 5/20-5/21/21 (Kalee)


Sen. John Kennedy Goes OFF on Biden – Demands He Get to Work Right Now

Biden’s lost in the wilderness…

“You’re a Really Dull Class”: Joe Biden Blames Coast Guard Grads for Joke Falling Flat

The Democrats’ New Scheme is Terrifying


The Media Push INSANE Conspiracy Theory Against Ron DeSantis

Gretchen Whitmer Gets Bad News after More Details about Her Trip to FL Arise

Psaki Gets Nasty When Reporter Hammers Her With Tough Questions

Media Silent as FBI Quietly Classifies Wicked Attack on GOP Members of Congress


Obama all but confirms UFOs exist

Is Biden’s economic plan working? This expert says ‘there will be a reckoning’

Biden Has Cringiest Moment Ever When Cadets Don’t Laugh at His Joke

‘Woke’ companies face backlash for getting political

MSNBC Host Endlessly Mocked for Reacting to New CDC Guidelines

Bitcoin tanks, dipping below $36K

How To Launch Your First E-commerce Business In 7 Steps

Fourth grader goes viral with epic takedown of school board


Elon Musk Wants To Build A Private SpaceX Resort

Nancy Pelosi: “If You’re Not Vaccinated, Then Don’t Even Come” to the House Floor

Palestine Brainwashes their kids just like Critical Race Theory does to OURS

Tomi Lahren torches Lori Lightfoot: What happened to content of character?

Dan Crenshaw Verbally Smacks Down Chuck Todd during NBC Interview

The Real Reason Why Stocks and Bitcoin CRASHED. 

Chicago Mayor says the press is too white

Leo Terrell rips Lori Lightfoot over reporter controversy: ‘She is a racist’

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