Headlines 5/22/18


Suspected FBI Informant Reportedly Recommended For White House Job

Obama Administration Meddled In Elections Around The World?

US getting the bad end of potential trade deal with China?

Should Clinton be thankful for losing to Trump?


Why was FBI spying on a US presidential campaign?

Free Speech?! Activist Students Shutdown UCLA Speech by Armenian Students

How Diversity Quotas Actually Create Racists

New Comic Book Shoots To Number 1 On Its First Day, Panicking The Left


The Money Behind Mueller’s Witch Hunt

John Kerry Issues Chilling Warning To President Trump During Commencement Speech!

Pelosi Defends The Murderers Of American Citizens

Deep State Panic: Trump Orders DOJ Investigate Spying


Former Clinton Pollster Calls For End to Mueller Probe

Schools face threats after deadly high school shooting

Steyn: Putin should make Hillary commissar of comedy

Parents take 30-year-old son to court to get him to move out


Changes We Can Make RIGHT NOW To Decrease School Shootings

Mission First Tactical AR-15 Accessories Review: Stock, Handguard, Grip, & Magazines

Defender Gives Mugger an Educational Beat Down | Active Self Protection

The Worst Mass School Shootings in Modern American History


California Lawmakers Push For Health Care Bill That Covers Illegals

US trade talks with China all about getting help with North Korea?

Peter Schiff: The Markets Were Relieved

Will the stock market go back to hitting new highs?


Trump Declares War On Obama Deep State, Sessions Must Obey One  Order Or Go

New Announcement Means We Will Be Stuck With the Obamas for Years to Come.

Trump Supporters Freak After Obama’s CIA Chief John Brennan Makes Direct Threat

Protesters Attack Nikki Haley Until She Makes Them Run In Fear

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