Headlines 5/25-5/26/21 (Kalee)


Dem Mayor UNLEASHES on Biden after Border Crisis Forces School to Shut Down

Biden’s rude remarks towards military members

Ben Carson warns America of ‘consequences’ to Democrats’ actions

MSNBC Host Flips on Cuomo With Two Brutal Words About His Leadership in NY


CNN is an ‘opinion network’ and they should admit it

Chris Cuomo SHREDDED with only two words from the mouth of Meghan McCain

Is this what George Floyd died for?

Jen Psaki Touts Joe Biden Funding the Police When Asked About Rising Crime


Top Economist Sounds the ALARM on Biden’s Crazy Plans for American Taxpayers

You Won’t Believe Who Joe Biden Praised in front of the Entire Country

Steelworker Union that Put their Faith in Joe Biden is Now Begging Him to Not Destroy Them

Biden “jokes” about running over ABC Reporter

$1 Million VS 1$ Billion Hotels

NEW Poll Reveals Who Would Win in 2024 if it Came Down to Trump v Harris

1.9 billions in tax dollars for.. extra capitol security

Why did the GOP reject the latest infrastructure plan counter-offer?


Press Sec Psaki SNAPS When Reporters Corner Her On Guns Being Blame For Rise In Crime

How Money Is Made In Different Countries

Marco Rubio: Chinese Communists “Sense Opportunity” in Biden Era

President Trump Drops a Bombshell

Riot, loot and defund – the Leftist agenda

Future Virus ‘More Deadly’ Than Covid-19 Will Spark New Pandemic, WHO Chief Warns

Did it actually come from the lab?

Left’s Hoaxes are designed to Shift our reality…Wake Up, America!

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