Headlines 5/4/18


VIDEO: Nunes Reveals Bombshell Secret Intel

BREAKING: Plot To Harm Trump’s Family Thwarted – Weapon, Plans And Suicide Note Found

10 Things You Don’t Know About USA Presidents

The Democrats / Facebook Have Officially Announced A Plan To Ban All Conservative Speech


BREAKING: Mueller Set Secret Trap To Get Trump

What Does Rudy Giuliani’s Bizarre Hannity Appearance Mean?

Conservative leaders take on big tech over censorship

Dairy Queen Just Enraged Every Democrat With New Warning Sign To Liberals That Went Up Overnight


Soros-funded Group Releases App That Helps Illegal Immigrants Avoid Arrest

BOOM! Globalists Panic as Trump’s UN Chief Just Put the UN on Notice

Tax reform vs. deregulations: Which helps small businesses the most?

Judge Napolitano on Trump’s Cohen payment: Story keeps changing


Van Hipp: Trump Is Trying To Pull Off The Deal Of All Deals

DNC Trump/Russia Lawsuit: is It Just a Fundraiser?

Banks, Credit Cards Exploring Ways to Track Customers’ Gun Purchases

Karl Rove on midterms: Trump will be a big presence in the election


Pentagon Holds Clandestine Meeting With Google, Then Their Employees Revolt…

Stormy Daniels, lawyer are stirring up controversy for money: Kennedy

The process of choosing Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees

WWE’s Kane Running for Political Office in Tennessee


Should Trump be concerned about the surveillance of Cohen?

NBC forced staffers to support Brokaw amid controversy?

Trump deserves Nobel Peace Prize if he denuclearizes North Korea

Comey’s reputation is pretty well destroyed – Bud Cummins


“Rise Up America” Mark Levin Bashes Mueller & DOJ For Defying Law And Constitution!

VIDEO:  Project Veritas Exposes Teachers Union Presidents Caught Covering Up Child Abuse And Pedophilia

Melania Laughs At Michelle After She Utters 3 Embarrassing Words To School Kids!

Interview: Obama’s Treasonous Iran Deal EXPOSED


Sessions’ DOJ Busted! Wiretapping Deep State Coup Underway!

Trump White House Just DESTROYED Adam Schiff – There is No Coming Back From this One!

Don Lemon Rips Into Kanye West For Supporting Trump And He Doesn’T Hold Back!

Ben Carson Unveiled A Program That Will Turn Democrats Into Republicans


President Trump Proven Correct Again As Deep State Makes Outrageous Move!

WATCH: Maxine Waters Declares You’re Not “Patriotic” Unless You Impeach Trump!

They Were Debt Collectors Pretending to be the Delivery Man

After Trump Awards Her Rude Liberal Teacher Hands Him Sick “List Of Demands”!


Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts, thousands flee

Time Magazine investigation finds FBI ‘in crisis mode’

Hannity: Crucial info from Giuliani went largely overlooked

Why China is a bigger problem for U.S. than Russia


Hillary Clinton blames another group for her election loss

Rudy Giuliani drops bombshell on Cohen Investigation

10 Facts About FAITH Every Christian Must Know

Lewandowski: Reporter broke into my home, photos are missing


Man Evacuating After Hawaii Volcano Eruption: ‘We Can Hear the Lava’

Mandalay Bay Shooting Body Camera Footage Released: No Broken Windows Reported

National Guard Activated After Hawaiis Kaula Volcano Erupts Forcing Evacuations

Shopper Lays Hands on Dumb Robber | Active Self Protection


How many rounds do you need for self defense?

BREAKING: Massive News Out Of Texas Obama Is Furious!

WW3 Fears Spike After Trump Sends Anti-Tank Missiles To Ukraine

This Will Crush Your Survival Delusions…


Breaking: The FBI Agents May Have Destroyed The Evidence…

Arrogant Michelle Obama Claims She’s Still the First Lady, but Melania Has This To Say…

Mouthy Liberal Reporter Interrupts Trump’s Prayer Day, Regrets It Seconds Later

Ben Shapiro And Tucker Carlson Have Choice Words For The Boy Scouts About Accepting Girls


Gov Jerry Brown Regrets Open Borders After Nasty Surprise Found In His Mansion.

After James Comey Makes Major Claim About Hillary, Rudy Exposes Both Of Them.

Sarah Sanders DESTROYS baiting Leftist Reporters

Ex US Attorney Issues Unexpected Warning to Mueller During Tucker Interview


Democrat Calls for Gun Ban and Prison Time for Gun Owners!

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts, thousands flee

‘Celebration of Service’ held at Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Savage Model 10 Stealth 6.5 Creedmoor Range 2


Should churches break from Boy Scouts after name change?

Brewery honors WWII vet with new beer

Trump signs religious liberty executive order

Deployed military unit surprises soldier’s daughter with cheer routine


These Two Things Together Can Bring Down the Stock Market

Is China Offering an Olive Branch to the U.S. on Trade?

Central Bank Shifts Strategy To Counter Patriots

Banks, Credit Cards Exploring Ways to Track Customers’ Gun Purchases

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