Headlines 5/4-5/5/21 (Kalee)


Americans Have Spoken: This New Poll Spells TROUBLE for Kamala Harris

AZ Border Sheriff Goes Off On Biden For Insulting Law Enforcement Protecting The Border

Is Coca Cola backing down?

Sarah Sanders Blindsides Chicago With Secret Mission to Make Arkansas Great Again

Tucker Carlson Dominates Cable News – These Numbers say Everything!

CDC Suddenly Concerned About Covid ‘False Positive’ Tests?

Democrat faces backlash after calling Sen. Tim Scott an ‘Oreo’

Is there a hostage deal between the US and Iran?

Cuomo says he ‘did nothing wrong’ and is not resigning

“Mr. Reagan” Exposed in uncovered CPAC interview


Look What Biden Was Spotted Doing Moments After His Big “Patriotic” Declaration

Hillary Gets Roasted by the Internet After Embarrassing Appearance on CNN

Eradication of All politicians? Watch Antifa’s Chilling threat to Mayor 

Kayleigh McEnany: We have an ‘epidemic’ in mainstream media

Joe Biden Gaffe: Americans Making Less than $400K Will “Not Pay a Single Penny in Taxes”

Countries now helping India’s COVID crisis — what took so long?

Ghislaine Maxwell’s First Photo from Prison Raises Many Questions

How can restaurants fight back against BLM rioters?

Mitch McConnell Praises Tim Scott after Delivering Amazing Rebuttal

Why Is the CDC Taking Guidelines from Teachers Unions?


‘Big Bucks’ Joe Biden hands out cash

Meet The New Billionaires Minted By SPAC IPOs

NBA faces heat for agreeing to partake in South China International Trade Expo

Mark Meadows: Biden’s spending is about ‘buying votes’

Karl Rove slams teachers union’s for lobbying against schools reopening

33% of All Income Provided by Government! American Middle Class Will Disappear

Why Your Electricity Bill May Be Higher Than Your Neighbor’s

John Kerry discloses millions in income from energy firms, oil companies


Tech Companies Depend on China for Rare Earths. Can That Change?

Bank of America warns of HYPERINFLATION ‘at the very least’

Is the end of the pandemic on the horizon?

McCarthy speaks to GA businesses hurt by MLB relocating the All-Star Game

Food prices on the rise

Bond Market Crash? Why Individual Investors Should Stay Out Of Bonds

Inside The Life Of A Billionaire Pilot

THESE Are Warren Buffett’s 5 Biggest Stocks!

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