Headlines 5/8/18


Breaking: Jeff Sessions Just Got The Worst News Of His Life…

California School Mural Depicts Aztec Warrior Holding Trump’s Severed Head, Heart

Whoopi Goldberg Denies That Trump Has Done Anything To Help Black People…

Will Don Blankenship hurt the Republican Party?


Who topped Forbes list of “The World’s Most Powerful People?”

Melania’s Major Announcement Just Leaked And She’s Already Being Attacked Over It

3 Federal Judges Have Now Exposed Mueller’s Plan To Impeach Trump With Politicized FBI Power

The NSA Seizes America’s Liberties


A Major Trump Ally Just Revealed A Genius Strategy To Shut Down Mueller

Newly Released Unredacted Docs Show Who DOJ & FBI Were Trying To Protect!

MSNBC Host Makes Abhorrent Accusation About Trump’s Health That Made Jaws Drop Everywhere

Sorry to say: the Clintons are ramping up for another media onslaught


First Lady Melania Launches ‘BE BEST’ Campaign

Robert Mueller on the defensive after a bad week in court?

Tucker: Dems badly want to impeach Trump, but lie about it

Judge Napolitano: The power to redact is a corrupt power


70-Year-Old Grandmother Shoots Intruder: ‘Kill Him Before He Kills Me!’

Gingrich Drops Shocking Bombshell On James Comey & Andy Mccabe

Two Crazy Carjacking Attempts in Connecticut Back to Back | Active Self Protection

What Is the Gov Doing to Protect Us from An EMP? What Is YOUR Survival Plan?


Potential Iran nuclear deal pullout implications

Is The Global Supply of Gold Depleting?

Should investors stay away from bitcoin?

Pop, There Goes The Bubbles, It’s All Coming Apart


BREAKING: President Trump Just Dropped a HUGE Bomb On John Kerry.

NRA Names New President — the Gun Grabbers Won’t Know What Hit Them

True Patriot Tom Selleck Destroys Rosie O’Donnell, Leaves Her Silent.

Martin Luther King Jr’s Nephew Says President Trump Is A Genius, CNN Anchor Has Priceless Response


91 year-old man fires gun at Indiana McDonalds

First Lady Melania Trump’s policy agenda: Highlights

Reproduction RP-46 Belt-Feed Conversion

Native American Challenges Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry Claim: “Get a DNA Test

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