Headlines 5/9/2018


Michelle Obama Just Made Her Announcement about Running For President in 2020

American flag burned in Iranian parliament

John Kerry actively undermining Trump’s freedom of action

Unhinged Maxine Waters Rips Trump in Profane Tirade That She Can’t Ever Walk Away From


Pelosi Just Got Some Seriously Bad News…

GOP concerned House is up for grabs in midterms

NHS In Canada Chooses To Amputate Child’s Leg Instead Of Treating It

Ron Paul: Trump, tariffs and US ‘secret government’


California School Allows Massive Hateful Trump Mural To Go Up Giving Kids Nightmares

Creating Opportunity In The Legal Cannabis Industry | Forbes

The Truth About The Iran Deal You’re Not Being Told

Michelle’s Minions Pissed After Melania’s New Platform Has Surprise They Hate!


‘Roseanne’ faces backlash for portrayal of Muslims

3 US captives held in North Korea on way home with Pompeo

Yellowstone super volcano: A countdown on the clock

Sessions announces ‘zero tolerance’ border policy


WATCH: Obama Slams Trump’s Exit From Iran Nuclear Deal

Reel-To-Reel Tape Decks Are Making a Comeback

Banks Are Preparing For An Economic Catastrophe

Connecting The Dots, The Plan Of Plans Is Now In Motion


Hillary Announces She’s Moving Out Of U.S. Because Of Trump, Decides to Move To…

Melania’s Message To Everyone Who Mocked Her Personally Is Absolutely PRICELESS!

Ten Percent Live Fire: The Autonomic Nervous System & Firearms Training

As Illegals Flood the Border, Attorney General Sessions Gives Them the Bad News

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