Headlines 6/15/18


The Wire’ Creator Wishes Death On Trump Supporter, Banned From Twitter

Berkeley declares climate emergency, demands population control

Rep. Biggs on immigration: An amnesty bill would open up a ‘blue wave’

Why Is Robert Mueller Hiding From His Own Special Counsel?


Scott Pruitt Goes All in For Trump, Hails EPA Progress Under Donald’s Leadership

Debt a threat to national security?

Tips for saving on summer travel

Democrats slam Trump’s North Korea deal


Liberals TRIGGERED After Supreme Court Makes Landmark Decision Regarding Ohio Voter Fraud

Connecticut town banning ‘for sale’ signs

Trump Declares CNN America’s Biggest Enemy

Democrats’ strategy of resist isn’t working – Herman Cain


Paul Ryan’s Secret Immigration Bill Is A Trojan Horse For Amnesty

Alan Dershowitz – IG Report Proves Special Counsel Is Not Needed

Scalise returns after being shot at last year’s congressional baseball game

Scott Adams Reveals The Biggest Unreported Story Of The Trump Kim Summit


WATCH:  Crooked DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein Get SHREDDED By Hero Congressman on LIVE TV

Kathy Griffin attacks Kevin Hart for not going after Trump

Schumer Has Hysterical MELTDOWN Over SCOTUS Upholding ‘Voter Integrity’

Democrats Admit Why They Hate Donald Trump And Alex Jones


DOJ Inspector General Insists There Was No ‘Political Bias’ In The FBI’s Investigation

Sarah Huckabee Sanders spars with reporter over Trump’s immigration policies

CNN is Running Out of Options – They’re Now Criticizing the FOOD at N. Korea Summit

Rand Paul Takes A Jab At John Bolton Over North Korean Peace Summit


Trump Just Sucker Punched Robert Di Niro Hard With EPIC Response to Vulgar Comments

Bill Clinton: Norms Have Changed In Terms Of What You Can Do To Somebody Against Their Will

The Central Banks Take The Next Step In Pushing The Economy To The Edge

Theres Nothing Neutral About Net Neutrality


Learn What Scares Elizabeth Warren

Cory Booker Is A D-List Actor Posing As A Senator

The IG Report Could Be The Death Of The Deep State

See The Video Trump Showed Kim Jong Un


Schumer Has Hysterical MELTDOWN Over SCOTUS Upholding ‘Voter Integrity’

No Refuge: Sessions ends Obama-era Aslyum protections

Twitter CEO ‘Boosts’ Chick-fil-A. Internet Melts Down

Scott Pruitt Goes All in For Trump, Hails EPA Progress Under Donald’s Leadership


Why America Is Heading For Economic Collapse And Worst Debt Crisis In History

‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’ asks if we need Mister Rogers now more than ever

House prepares to vote on major immigration bills

Memo shows foreign actors gained access to Clinton emails


Trump Gets Last Laugh After Hillary Is Finally Being Investigated!

Fonda Says ‘Hollywood’s Taking Back Government,’ Patriots Give Her Epic Smackdown

Sisters in CA Forced to Fight Off Random Attacker | Active Self Protection

Hawaii’s Volcano Is Literally Erupting with Gems


President Trump Just Got VERY BAD NEWS From His Lawyer Michael Cohen

Central Bank Policy Divergence Greater Than Ever, Says Economist Lee

FBI director was wrong, IG report proves political bias: Rep. Jordan

Will brick-and-mortar stores make a comeback?


Trump Demands Resignation Of Top Democrat Senator For Lying To America

Steyr Arms M9-A1 Review! A Worthy Combat Pistol!

President Trump Announces America’s Biggest Enemy, And It’s Not Russia Or Iran

AR15 vs AK47, Which is Better???


Scalise is back on baseball diamond, one year after shooting

Steyr Arms M9-A1 Review! A Worthy Combat Pistol!

IG faults Comey, McCabe, Lynch and Strzok

Ninja Assassin Ammo: Hornady .300 AAC 190gr Sub-X Subsonic Gel Test

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