Headlines 6/17-6/18/21 (Kalee)


Trump to Publicly Humiliate Feckless “Border Czar” Kamala Harris with BRILLIANT Move

Biden’s Secret Plan for Your Family is Straight from the Communist Playbook

School Board Gets So Woke They Decided To Cancel Everything with New Policy

Putin’s puppy…

Subject Line – Biden’s COMMUNIST Plan for Your Family | Trump Publicly Humiliates Kamala | School Board Goes WOKE


PELOSI SURRENDERS! Here is What She Did To Masks on the House Floor

Biden Snaps on CNN Reporter and Berates Her for Simply Asking a Question

Don. Jr SLAMS Media for Double Standards when it Comes to Hunter Biden

THIS is the historical story MARXISTS don’t want you to know

Why should Russia’s Vladimir Putin give anything to Biden?

What Was The FBI Doing?

The New Air Force One Will Cost $5.3 Billion Dollars

Texas Takes a STAND – Rolls out New Plan to End Border Crisis WITHOUT Biden’s Help or Approval

Subject Line – Pelosi SURRENDERS | New Air Force One Will Cost THIS Much | This State is Taking a Stand WITHOUT Biden’s Approval


North Korean Defector Sounds the ALARM on American Wokeness

Texas Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Into Law

Pro-Abortion Politicians Like Biden Only “Dust Off Their Bibles” for Campaigns

No question Putin wants to ‘muscle’ Biden around

Ransomware & Cryptocurrency: The Bitcoin Trojan Horse

Biden is protected by media

FBI launches probe into IRS leak scandal

Subject Line – Putin MUSCLES Biden | Media Protects Old Joe | Constitutional Carry Signed Into Law | Bitcoin Trojan Horse

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