Headlines 6/19-6/21/21 (Logan)


You Won’t Believe Where Kamala Harris Visited instead of the Border this Week

Dan Bongino blasts media as ‘useful idiots’ in scathing rant

Biden is no Trump

Watermelons found on Mars!


Do-Nothing Democrats Just Announced another Witch Hunt 

Cruise industry battles THIS State over vaccine requirements

Liberals trash Jon Stewart for backing lab-leak theory

Bill O’Reilly Breaks some Bad News for  Biden and his Administration


Biden & Putin FINALLY Meet. Who Won the HANDSHAKE?

Media remains silent on the border

Biden erupts at reporter for asking about Putin

Former Fox 26 Reporter speaks out: ‘They tried to smear and defame me’


WATCH This Crazy Teacher Berate a 6th Grader Who just Wanted a Cupcake

THIS Is the Historical Story MARXISTS Don’t Want You To Know

141 Congress Members Tell Attorney General To Withdraw ATF Pistol Brace Ban

Biden took a weak approach not calling out Putin lies


Biden SNAPS on CNN Reporter and BERATES Her for Asking a Question

Corruption in the Libertarian Party

North Korean defector compares US colleges to the DPRK

Senate UFO report on its way: What does the government know?


Don. Jr SLAMS Media for Double Standards when it Comes to Hunter Biden

Should Joe Biden receive Communion?

THIS is the historical story Marxists don’t want you to know

Biden – ‘Putin doesn’t want a new cold war’


PELOSI SURRENDERS! Here is What She Did To Masks on the House Floor

Former ATF Director Comes Out Against David Chipman

What Was The FBI Doing?

This State Rolls out New Plan to End Border Crisis Without Biden’s Approval


MSNBC’s Latest Call on Democrats PROVES the Media is a JOKE

Kamala Makes a Trip to an Early Childhood Education School All About Herself

Fauci needs to come clean

WHO official says COVID escaping from Wuhan lab is ‘most likely’ scenario


8 Times the FACTS Proved MSM Wrong…and Trump Right

THIS Governor is sending police to the border

Big tech is out to get Conservatives

Woke Pentagon Segregates our military for ‘privilege walks’


Biden Tries To Escape Press Conference Without Calling on Fox News… He Fails

Bill Submitted To Abolish The ATF

School Board Gets So Woke They Decided To Cancel Everything with New Policy

Trump to Publicly Humiliate Feckless “Border Czar” Kamala Harris with BRILLIANT Move


The Left Unleashes INSANE New Pronouns

Trump Strikes Back

Biden/Putin Summit: Why Media And Politicos Get It All Wrong

Congressman calls out CNN anchor for interrupting him


Biden’s Attorney General Reveals He’s WEAK

Army veteran rips ‘woke’ reading material in US Navy

Lib Dem win will ‘send shockwaves’ through politics

CNN Host Turns On Kamala Harris – Admits The TRUTH about her Foreign Trip


Was Biden’s first foreign trip staged?

In five months, Biden inspires open rebellion…

Mike Pompeo Sends CRITICAL Warning that EVERY American Needs to Hear

8 Times the Facts Proved MSM Wrong…and Trump Right


World Leaders Erupt In Laughter After Biden Completely Embarrasses Himself

How Many Kids Must Be Dropped from 18-Ft Wall Before Biden Admin Wakes Up?

What’s Going on in the Arizona and Georgia Audits?

A WIN for Religious Liberty in Latest SCOTUS Case


8 Times the FACTS Proved MSM Wrong…and Trump Right

What Supreme Court’s latest ruling means for people on Obamacare

DeSantis Makes BOLD Move that Biden, Harris Will Have No Choice But to Answer For

Was Biden’s first foreign trip staged?

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