Headlines 6/2/21 (Avril)


Kamala Harris’ joke falls flat at Naval Academy graduation

AOC is Cashing Out on New T-Shirt She’s Selling on Her Website

Biden is Plotting a Total  ‘Reboot’ for the World as We Know It

Big Tech now censors the stories of WW2 VETS too?

Subject Line -Kamala Harris Tells HORRIBLE Joke | WWII Vets Censored | World As We Know It…. GONE


Meghan McCain Silences Joy Behar on ‘The View’ while Discussing Donald Trump

DeSantis Destroyrs Democrat-Run States that Destroyed Childhoods for THOUSANDS of Kids

Will Democrats stand with Ted Cruz Against federally mandated vaccine passports?

Here’s What it’ll Take for Liz Cheney to Run for POTUS in 2024


IT BEGINS: Schumer Sets up Vote in the Senate for Most Pathetic Bill of Our Time

Trump vs DeSantis?

COVID-19 Vaccines ‘could be compulsory’ for NHS staff

Why is the U.S. Suddenly Interested in Coronavirus Origin?

Subject Line – Tump vs Desantis | Mandated Vaccines | Schumer Sets Up Vote for MOST PATHETIC Bill


New Poll from Americans Just Spelled out DOOM for Far Left Dems

Possible UFOs seen swarming US Navy ship

Mayor Caught on Camera Breaking Her Own Rules… AGAIN!

Army vet reacts to Kamala Harris taking heat for Memorial Day tweet

Subject Line – DOOM For Far Left Dems | UFO Swarms Navy Ship | Army Vet Reacts to Kamala’s Tweet


Greg Gutfeld goes Scorched Earth on Joe Biden Live on the Air

Gov. Whitmer Praises Herself in Award Video

UNREAL. Officer Who Mocked LeBron James in Viral Video is Handed Pink Slip

Senator John Kennedy Humiliates ATF Director Nominee with Painfully Simple Question


Candace Owens BLASTS Biden Admin for Letting Embassies Fly BLM Flag

Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich just Teamed Up for a GREAT Cause

Little League Players, Parents Horrified after Human Smugglers Crash Softball Game

DeSantis Just Roasted his Haters Who Think He’s ‘Crazy’


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