Headlines 6/24-6/25/21 (Kalee)


Dems Going to WAR with Catholic Church, Threaten Tax-Exemption

Biden Targets This State Over 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

Dear Liberals, Get To Work!

Pro-Life WIN: World’s Most Premature Baby Celebrates First Birthday

Subject Line -Dems Going to WAR With Church | Dear Liberals, Get to Work | Pro-Life WIN


UNREAL: U.S. Has Imported Mind Blowing Number of Minors from Central America Under Joe Biden

‘Something is wrong here’: Why the FBI owes us Capitol Riot Answers

CNN’s Dana Bash Confronts Biden National Security Advisor on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

FBI Seizes $85 Million From Safety Deposit Boxes

America’s Shame is Gone: How the woke left Hijacked ‘Juneteenth’

Socialist Democrats: Architects of America’s downfall

DARPA Shows Off EPIC New Defense Agency Technology

Heroes or hacks? Reports target own TV bosses

Subject Line – US Imports Mind Blowing Amount of Minors | FBI Seizes $85 Million | America’s Shame is GONE


After Jeff Bezos Announces his Space Trip, THOUSANDS Take Action Hoping he Won’t Return

Supreme Court Rules Against NCAA In Case Over Student Athlete Compensation

These Industries Produce The Most Billionaires In 2021

What Happens When A Country Declares Bankruptcy?

Reporter Absolutely OWNS Jen Psaki on Gun Control and Rise in Crime

Eric Trump: 2022 will be a bloodbath for Democrats

CNN’s Don Lemon Goes Off on Parents Criticizing CRT – But There’s One Huge Problem

Dear Liberals, Get To Work!

Subject Line – 2022 Will Be A Dem Bloodbath  | Dear Libs, Get to Work | Jeff Bezos Headed to Space

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