Headlines 6/26-6/28/21 (Kalee)


China Is Desperate To Erase The Evidence

What YOU Need to Know: The REAL Communist Revolution is Healthcare

Stacey Abrams Now Claims She Was Never Against Voter IDs – This Video Proves Her Wrong

Biden compares Second Amendment to ‘Nuclear Weapons’ in gun control speech

Subject Line – China DESPERATE To Erase Evidence | This Is The Real Communist Revolution | Stacey Abrams Proved WRONG


Hunter Biden artwork labeled ‘shameful’ and ‘grifty’ by critics

Jim Jordan takes on Big Tech censorship of conservatives

DARPA Shows Off EPIC New Defense Agency Technology

U.S. Has Imported Mind Blowing Number of Minors from Central America Under Joe Biden

Subject Line – U.S. Imported Mind Blowing Number of MINORS | Jim Jordan Takes On Big Tech | Hunter Biden’s Shameful Artwork


Maxine Waters falsely claims Trump campaign organized Jan. 6 riot

Climate Activists Get So Woke They Cancel Themselves

‘PARTY OF SCIENCE’ Refuses to Call Unborn Babies Human Beings

NYC drops charges for hundreds of looters while The McCloskeys were forced to plead guilty

C-SPAN Viewers Roast CNN’s Brian Stelter to his FACE while He Sips on Vitamin Water

Can Greece save ‘dying’ Hollywood?

Kudlow: This is a huge mistake for Biden

Biden is completely wrong on Iran

Subject Line – Maxine Walters False Claims On Trump | HUGE Mistake For Biden | Climate Activists Cancel Themselves


Can Trump become Speaker of the House?

Kevin McCarthy PANICS after Being Faced with Question about Trump We ALL Want Answered

Michael Burry Warns America: Mother of All Crashes Is Coming

Doctor warns ‘social justice’ is overtaking science in medical institutes

Pathetic. Joe Scarborough Gushes Over Biden For Putin Meeting during Embarrasing Live TV Display

Camera Man Gets Close-Up Of Biden’s Note Card At G7 – You’ll LAUGH at it’s Content

The China threat and the traitors

This Crowd Made Mike Pence FINALLY Realize he Has Overstayed his Welcome in the GOP

Subject Line – Trump For Speaker of The House? | Mother of All Crashes COMING | Social Justice Taking Over Science


 Marco Rubio SLAMS Kamala Harris Over Guatemalan Immigrants

Congressman Gives Kamala Harris a “Border 101” Primer Ahead of Her Visit

What YOU Need to Know: The REAL Communist Revolution is Healthcare

Biden compares Second Amendment to ‘NUCLEAR WEAPONS’ in gun control speech

COVID-19: How likely is a third wave?

Lauren Boebert Reacts to Washed-Up Singer’s Attack on Old Glory

Chuck Schumer Now Has Another Democrat Threatening to Nuke Infrastructure Deal

Biden is too soft on China..

Subject Line – Rubio SLAMS Kamala | Biden is TOO SOFT On China | Third Wave of COVID?

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