Headlines 6/8/21-6/9/21 (Kalee)


OUCH! Biden hit with 4 Pinocchio’s AGAIN for Crazy Claim about Alzheimers

Mike Pence Breaks his Silence – Explains his Relationship with Donald Trump

Doctor grills Fauci on Masks

This Group Meeting with Trump Tells You EVERYTHING You Need to Know about 2022

Subject Line – Biden Lies Again | Fauci Gets GRILLED | Pence Breaks His Silence


Biden Gets MORE Bad News after Everyone Sees the NEW Jobs Numbers

DeSantis Puts Freeloaders on Notice with New Rules for Unemployment Benefits

Dr. Fauci has blood on his hands

Donald Trump goes Nuclear on RINO’s who Smeared Him on Live TV

AOC Just Made Herself the Laughing Stock of the Internet with this Outrageous Claim

What a JOKE: Nancy Pelosi Reveals What her “Greatest Accomplishment” in Office Was

Is This Object Proof We’ve Already Been Visited by Something Extraterrestrial?

Minneapolis in Turmoil as BLM go on Looting Spree


Biden Admin hit with HUGE Lawsuit – They CANNOT Ignore This Any longer

Tom Cotton: ‘Zero’ chance China admits responsibility for COVID-19

CDC questioning the origin now..

Major Drought Creating Food Shortages?

Biden FAILS Miserably With Generic Speech to 2021 Grads

Mansions Hidden In Secret Locations

Kamala Harris flustered while being pressed about border visit

Rolls-Royce CEO gives inside look at the most expensive car in history

Subject Line – Biden Admin Hit With HUGE Lawsuit | Kamala is Flustered | CDC Questioning COVID Origin

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