Headlines 7/1-7/2/21 (Kalee)


Everything is racist in Biden’s America

Retired Navy chief who WITNESSED A UFO shares his story

Leaked Recordings from University Prove Colleges are Tools for Liberals

Biden ‘aiding and abetting’ cartels: Rep. Cloud

Subject Line – Biden Aiding and Abetting CARTELS | Leaked Recordings PROVE Universities are For Liberals


Jim Jordan EXPOSES Fauci on EVERYTHING – Shows Why He Isn’t Showing Up To Answer Questions

Comedian Bill Cosby’s conviction overturned

Celebrities That Lost Companies Billions Of Dollars In Seconds

Trump slams Biden’s border in new Op-Ed

Media called out for blatant hypocrisy covering Jill Biden

The Most Secretive Club In America: The Meeting Place Of The Rich And Powerful

Real Estate Soars at RECORD Speed as Inflation of Everything Continues! Steel Prices Up!

Andy Ngo Exposes Who’s in Antifa and it is Shocking

Subject Line – Jim Jordan EXPOSES Fauci | Trump Slams Biden | THIS Is Where the Rich and Powerful Meet


Biden’s New Plan Will Put 21 MILLION Americans On WELFARE

Look Where Jill Biden Just ended Up after Ignoring Supermodel Melania Trump for Years

Gutfeld: Democrats are ‘out of excuses’

Hackers steal data of 92% of LinkedIn users

Watch Psaki Lie through her Teeth about Republicans Supposedly Wanting to “Defund the Police”

AOC’s Argument against the Filibuster Will Leave you Dumbfounded

Trump trounces Biden at the border

Creepy Joe Strikes Again but This Time it was with a World Leader’s Daughter

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