Headlines 7/10-7/12/21 (Kalee)


Angry MSNBC Anchor Has a Message for Americans Who are not Vaccinated

De Blasio takes heat for funding parade instead of first responders

U. of Chicago student slams Mayor Lightfoot’s lies after classmate’s death

Sen. Kennedy ‘doesn’t know’ if Biden is actually running the show


Trump announces Big Tech censorship lawsuit

Experts say Biden’s ‘red lines’ are being challenged by Russia

The left wants total control over American lives…

Teachers union claims they are ‘CRT-free’ but invited CRT champion to speak

Subject Line – Biden Challenged By Russia | Trump Announces Lawsuit | The Left Wants Control Over  YOUR Life


These Two DOJ Appointments PROVE Biden Is Firmly Behind Defunding the Police

NCAA athletes are cashing in on new found opportunity

As This City CRUMBLES, this Poll about People Fleeing Says Everything

Housing And Rent Prices Soared To The Highest Level In 30 Years

CNN’s Latest Coverage on China Proves why They’re at the BOTTOM of the Ratings

Newsom’s Recall Election Date has Been SET!

This isn’t a joke, who’s in charge at the White House?

Rancher: This is why meat prices have ‘DRASTICALLY increased’


Unforgivable! NY Times takes aim at the American flag

New Poll on Defunding the Police Should Make Every Dem Change their Tune ASAP

US investors face ‘big risk’ owning Chinese stocks

Kevin McCarthy Has Perfect Answer about Dems Tearing Down Confederate Statues

‘We Just Marched Out’ – US Abandons Afghan Base At Night

Ilhan Omar’s Hatred for America EXPOSED

AZ Sheriff: If you care about human beings, you should care about this crisis

Cyber Hacks CONTINUE, Biden Needs Notes to Refresh Memory


Trump Set to Make HUGE Announcement

How Elon Musk Got $126 Billion Richer In A Single Year

Democrats are the masters of ‘race card’ lies

Psaki Blames GOP For Defunding Police, But There’s Just One Problem

This City Begs For More Electricity As Shift To Renewable Power Leaves State In The Dark

Biden should put Putin ‘on notice’ after massive ransomware attack

Biden has nothing to do with US economic recovery

Meghan McCain Stuns with UNEXPECTED Announcement

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