Headlines 7/20-7/21/21 (Kalee)


Here’s Where Biden Should Visit to REALLY See “21st Century Jim Crow”

Since when are politicians becoming your doctors?

Reuters Gets Smoked After Worrying About Cuban Protests Spreading COVID But Not BLM Riots

Majority Of Americans Say Media Is Enemy Of The People


Body Language Expert REVEALS Biden’s Secret 

Rand Paul Demands Answers on NSA Spying Probe into Tucker Carlson

How COVID-19 and lagging vaccination rates could impact fall sports

FOX News Panel Obliterates Biden’s Latest Claim on Voting Rights

Florida Democrat rejects AOC’s claim US to blame for Cuba crisis

U.S. Consumer Running Out of Cash as Markets Hit Tipping Point. What Will Happen?

Sen. Makes it Clear: Political Beliefs Have NO Room in the Justice System

Texas attorney general slams Obama’s DACA program as ‘unconstitutional’


Whistleblower Leaks Shocking Documents EXPOSING Biden’s BIGGEST Scandal on Immigration Yet

Mitch McConnell SLAMS Biden’s Decision to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan

Why are these demonstrations in Cuba different from the past?

Facebook’s Latest Apple Nightmare, Google’s New Location Tracking

Economists Send Critical Message to Americans about Biden’s Disastrous Spending

Phones from the Mueller probe are missing

“PLAN FROM HELL”: Lindsey Graham Rips Dems’ Latest Budget Proposal

Teens Who Are Are Making Millions Of Dollars

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